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Topic: inventory balance

3 Common Methods for Analysing Inventory on the Balance Sheet

Business owners need to take care when analysing information displayed in the company’s balance sheets. A statement of the assets, liabilities, and capital of the business, the understanding and interpretation of the balance sheet can have a huge impact on the direction of inventory management and the overall success of the business. It is extrem ... Read More

  August 13, 2019     

The Impacts of Inventory Stock Discrepancies in Accounting

When the number of stock recorded in your business’ records do not match up to your physical number of stock counted, this results in stock discrepancies. This is one of the main reasons stocktake is so important as it reveals if any such discrepancies exist. Discrepancies, if not prevented or detected, can bring about serious […] ... Read More

  October 23, 2018     

Don’t Overlook These Differences Between Inventory and Fixed Assets

Especially at the beginning for small businesses, it’s easy to get inventory and fixed assets confused. Inventory and fixed assets are sometimes treated as assets on a business’s balance sheet, though not all assets are inventory. Knowing the essential differences between inventory and fixed assets helps for better tracking, as well as to h ... Read More

  September 14, 2018     

Avoid These Common Inventory Mistakes

It is a great idea to make sure you are aware of common inventory-related mistakes so they are not repeated unnecessarily, costing the company dearly. ... Read More

  April 17, 2017