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Topic: inventory automation

Looking Ahead: The Future of Inventory Management

Inventory management has and always will be a key component to the successful operations of any business. In recent times, we’ve seen more and more businesses opt for inventory management software to ensure inventory management success and accurate forecasting. But what does the future hold? In this article, we predict a few exciting changes to [ ... Read More

  September 22, 2018     

Using Machine Learning in Inventory Management

For businesses with growth ambitions, it’s important to get a handle on the key factors affecting inventory management. Any business dealing with stock will be aware of the difficulties surrounding managing stock levels, optimising inventory space, dealing with inaccurate forecasting, managing idle and redundant stock, and delivering to customers ... Read More

  May 31, 2018     

The Reluctance to Automate Leaves UK’s Food Industry Stagnant

Competition is rife in every industry. In order to keep up with competitors you have to be innovative and quick. Globally, the food industry is seeing more automation than ever; robots and high performance machinery are taking the lead. They are sculpting new paths for the food industry. However, some competitors seem to be lagging. […] ... Read More

  May 19, 2018     

Machine Learning Changes Inventory Management

There is an increasing trend of companies turning to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to try to gain an edge in a highly competitive world. In the inventory management field, industry leaders have been hard at work developing new AI and machine learning technologies for the last 10 years. Major companies are now using […] ... Read More

  May 3, 2018     

World Wide Web Wednesday #30

Whether you need some lunch time reads or something to get you past hump day, we’ve curated five links you’ll enjoy! How Facebook and Starbucks manage crises Both Facebook and Starbucks have had their share in the media spotlight lately, the former under fire for breaching data privacy and the latter receiving the heat for […] ... Read More

  May 2, 2018     

Machine Learning For Your Inventory Control

Inventory efficiency is essential to the success of any manufacturing or retail enterprise and poor inventory control can have a dramatic impact on your business’s bottom line. Effective inventory management is important to the health of your business but the main issue with achieving good inventory control is the ability to get the balance right ... Read More

  May 1, 2018     

A Plan for Retail in the Digital Age

Despite the ever-developing digital shopping experience, retail shops are not a dying experience. By using innovative technology and artificial intelligence, the in-store experience can offer more than online sales through tactile experiences and other offline strengths. Digital techniques can improve marketing success and make it easier to manage ... Read More

  April 26, 2018     

The Challenges of Balancing Inventory

Ultimately, the goal of inventory management is to match supply with demand. However, establishing and maintaining the perfect balance can seem virtually impossible. Insufficient or surplus stock, high demand or oversupply, the seesawing effects of supply and demand are a major challenge when trying to effectively manage your inventory stock. The i ... Read More

  March 24, 2018     

A Successful Stock Take: Six Mistakes to Avoid

Stock taking is a crucial event on any business’ calendar – it’s that time of year, quarter or even month for businesses to reconcile the actual stock in the warehouse against the stock on the books. Your stock take will look different depending on the type and size of business you run. That said, there […] ... Read More

  January 15, 2018     

How to Optimise Inventory Control

Inventory optimisation makes sound business sense. Applying best practice approaches to inventory control will improve competitive advantage and profitability. The primary goal of optimisation is to get the balance right between supply and demand. Having the right stock on-hand to service consumer demand while trying to reduce inventory carrying co ... Read More

  January 9, 2018     

Taking Stock of Your Beverages

Many businesses have a way to track their beverage inventory stock. As you begin your journey down the sales funnel it is important to keep track of your inventory stock. Knowing how much product you have on hand at any given moment is critical so that you can order products when it gets low and […] ... Read More

  December 21, 2017     

Automation: Changing the Face of Inventory Management

Inventory control and supply chain management has evolved on a near continuous basis since the 1980s. Although the tools and technology that back the supply chain have constantly changed, the aim of supply chain planning has remained constant: to get the right product to customers in a timely manner, and to safeguard against stock outs […] ... Read More

  December 8, 2017     

Are You Making These Five Inventory Management Mistakes?

Inventory management is a perpetual challenge for many businesspeople. Without using inventory management software, keeping track of every moving part can be time consuming, resource intensive and difficult. It can be hard to know where to start, so if your business is looking to get inventory under control, consider these five basic inventory mana ... Read More

  November 17, 2017     

Lean manufacturing for breweries

The process of brewing a quality beer can be particularly labour intensive and it’s a process that takes time. Mill, mash, lauter, boil, whirl, cool, ferment and carbonate, there’s a lot going on so it is important for breweries to find ways to optimise production approaches to increase brewing efficiencies. Why you should employ lean [… ... Read More

  November 6, 2017     

How Inventory Management Software Informs Better Business Decisions

Inventory management software can be costly, especially if you are a small business. However, if incorporated into a business properly it can become quite the asset. We look at five ways that inventory management can help inform better business decisions. Time saver Good inventory management software allows you to keep on top of your inventory, [&h ... Read More

  September 18, 2017     

Stock Control To Maximise Your Small Business

For a small business, every cost counts. Small businesses will look for ways to save costs through different ways. One way small businesses think they are saving costs is by managing inventory manually. A familiar mindset is that “In the past it was done manually, and if we do it ourselves it will save money.” […] ... Read More

  September 13, 2017     

Four Reasons Why Inventory Automation Saves Money

If your business is stock based, then inventory may be its biggest asset – whether your business is a wholesaler, manufacturer or retailer. Inventory management is essentially the practice of maximising the use and value of your business’ biggest asset. Inventory automation can unlock further efficiencies, allowing your business to grow to ... Read More

  September 4, 2017     

Penny pinching? Here are some ways to reduce costs

With global recessions, increasing oil prices and increasing competition, saving money wherever possible and thereby maximising profits is the name of the game. Identifying areas for potential savings can be daunting although you need not fear the process as there are several simple ways to reduce business costs. Automation Depending on the size of ... Read More

  August 19, 2017     

Doing Barcodes The Right Way

The modern era of business management is exciting and fast-paced. To ensure your business remains a contender in the global arena, the adoption of technology and automation is paramount. A revolutionary aspect to technology and automation was the development of the barcode, which pictorially displays data relating to the item, be it price, location ... Read More

  August 15, 2017     

2 ways to reduce lead times in the supply chain

Lead times play a huge role in inventory management. Lead times are the amount of time it takes for you to receive your products from the time you place a purchase order with your supplier. That means if you can reduce your lead time, the results will create a need to carry less stock, allowing […] ... Read More

  July 24, 2017     

Inventory Management: Five Key Tips for Distributors

Distributors entire business revolves around inventory. Due to the nature of the distribution model where distributors profit by selling inventory to their customers, failing to manage inventory well can be a major liability for distributors. From tasks including inventory receiving, replenishment, inventory stocking, compliance labelling, processi ... Read More

  July 10, 2017     

How Can Food Manufacturers Create Efficiencies?

Food and beverage manufacturing is a highly competitive industry where success is closely linked to efficiency and inventory optimization techniques. Streamlining, the holy grail of all inventory-centric businesses, is a hard-won trait. It is one that many food manufacturers invest a lot of time and capital to achieve. One of the main tools at a [& ... Read More

  February 14, 2017