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Topic: integrated software

How to Choose the Right Business Intelligence Tools for Your Business

Business intelligence tools (BI tools) help companies to extract important facts from a huge amount of unstructured data. Transforming this rich data into actionable resources to help those organisations to achieve business goals and targets by guiding timely strategic decisions. BI tools help optimise operational processes, inventory control and t ... Read More

  December 6, 2019     

Your Xero Integration – Better Than Ever!

This post has been updated to reflect the latest user interface and features. Thanks to your feedback, we have developed two new features that will enhance the Xero and Unleashed integration and give you more insights for managing your business! Set credit limits for customers Does your sales team know if the customer has any […] ... Read More

  December 11, 2018     

The Best of Both Worlds: Integrating Inventory Management Software and Accounting Software

Inventory management software has become an indispensable tool for many successful business owners who recognise the importance of accurate inventory management. Likewise, accounting software is invaluable for even small businesses, providing key data on business performance. Even for new business owners, it doesn’t take long to recognise the imp ... Read More

  November 14, 2018     

Integrated Inventory Management Software and Accounting Software for Successful Business Growth

More than ever, competitive businesses are acknowledging the importance of adequate inventory control practices and appropriate management software, but the integration of accounting software with that of inventory management offers many advantages for better holistic business management. Combining forces in this way offers visibility and optimisat ... Read More

  November 1, 2018     

The Perks of Combining Accounting and Inventory Management Software

There are an array of software applications and capabilities available to us that were not even available a year ago, making investing in new technology and software a bit daunting. What happens if your state of the art online inventory management software becomes outdated? Sometimes companies try to mitigate this by adding more technology on [&hel ... Read More

  June 8, 2018     

Should You Integrate Accounting and Inventory Management?

What many companies dealing with inventory stock may not consider is the business value gained from an integrated accounting and inventory management system. On one hand we have inventory management, which is about knowing what you have in your warehouse and where your inventory stock is located. However, unless it is effectively integrated with yo ... Read More

  May 22, 2018     

Challenges to Software Integration

The use of cloud software among businesses has been on the rise recently, with many companies realising the benefits of downloading inventory software. For example, research from cloud solutions provider RightScale demonstrates that 93 percent of American businesses are now using cloud technology in some way or another. Despite this, research also ... Read More

  January 4, 2018     

Removing the obstacles to cloud-based software integration

Software has come a long way in recent years and is now characterised by Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and cloud-based software. The benefits of this type of software are endless and include the ability to easily update it, to ‘rent’ it as you go requiring no upfront exorbitant fee, accessibility and the technical support provided by the [&helli ... Read More

  October 13, 2017     

Why an inventory system supports business growth

In a highly competitive global market place, a good inventory management system is vital for business sustainability and growth. ... Read More

  August 29, 2016