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Topic: importing

Sourcing Internationally: How Can You Manage the Risks?

When it comes to procurement, manufacturing inventory abroad offers some clear advantages over sourcing product at home. Whether you're a scaled up multinational importer or a small retailer looking to unlock some small cost savings, there's a good chance that you'll procure at least some of your product from abroad. But what about the ... Read More

  December 23, 2017     

Three Trade Barriers That Affect Your Business

Trade barriers are generally a government-imposed restraint on the flow of international goods or services. The most common trade barrier is a tariff. A tariff is a tax on imports and raises the price of imported goods relative to domestic goods (goods produced at home). This discourages its demand and protects domestic producers from their [&helli ... Read More

  August 29, 2017     

The Impact of Trade Barriers on Business

Tariffs increase the price of products, reducing demand and thereby protecting domestic producers from external competition. Each country tends to place higher tariffs on products which are thought to be trade sensitive. Below, we summarise how tariffs can influence your business. Types of Tariffs Ad Valorem The most common tariff used is the ad va ... Read More

  July 3, 2017