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Inventory Management: Ten Ways Spreadsheets Let You Down

Spreadsheets and other manual inventory tracking methods have a number of weaknesses when compared with best in class inventory management software. If you are still using spreadsheets to manage your inventory here are ten reasons why you need to stop so that your business can reap the rewards it deserves. Manual data entry is prone […] ... Read More

  August 16, 2017     

Why Do Spreadsheets Ruin Inventory Management?

Spreadsheets are an ad hoc tool often used as a permanent solution rather than a quick fix, and often far beyond their capability. ... Read More

  April 22, 2017     

Why Isn’t Excel the Best for Inventory Management?

Here we review 10 reasons why Excel spreadsheets are highly restrictive and not the best option for managing your company’s inventory. ... Read More

  March 4, 2017