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UK E-commerce Needs to Prepare for the M-commerce Movement

Ranked by the World Bank as the 9th richest country per capita, the United Kingdom (UK) is home to 65.64 million people. Of this population, there are currently 45.36 million e-commerce users, and this figure is expected to increase with an additional 4.06 million consumers shopping online during the next four years. A significant amount […] ... Read More

  June 25, 2018     

3 Emerging Trends in UK E-Commerce

The UK retail landscape is changing rapidly. Consumer spending is decreasing, competition is increasing between businesses, and people are turning to e-commerce at an unprecedented rate. This has resulted in an increasingly complex retail environment for online retailers whilst complicating logistics, pricing and overarching strategy for e-commerce ... Read More

  June 21, 2018     

Automating the UK Manufacturing Industry

The UK is one of the most advanced nations of the developed world in many areas of industry, however there are mixed reports available on their advancement through automation in the manufacturing industry. In this review, we consider the state of automation for British manufacturers. How automatic is their automation? Automation does not come very ... Read More

  June 13, 2018     

The UK Team at Accountex London

The Unleashed UK team had a great time at Accountex London this year and we hope you did too! Did you catch us at our booth? Accountex is the UK’s largest accounting and finance exhibition and conference, giving decision makers the opportunity to discover new products, attend keynotes from industry leaders, and network with the […] ... Read More

  May 30, 2018     

Seasonality in the Automotive Sectors

We are certainly familiar with seasonal trends in the food and retail industries, where demand is largely driven by fashion and fads or specific factors such as harvest times, holiday periods and weather conditions. But what about the automotive industry? What are the seasons that impact motor vehicle sales? Seasonal Demand The automotive industry ... Read More

  May 26, 2018     

The Reluctance to Automate Leaves UK’s Food Industry Stagnant

Competition is rife in every industry. In order to keep up with competitors you have to be innovative and quick. Globally, the food industry is seeing more automation than ever; robots and high performance machinery are taking the lead. They are sculpting new paths for the food industry. However, some competitors seem to be lagging. […] ... Read More

  May 19, 2018     

A Time of Risk and Opportunity: Brexit’s Impact on UK Manufacturers

It’s little secret that the manufacturing sector in the United Kingdom has been in a state of decline. Unfortunately for manufacturers in the UK, Brexit brings with it a heightened sense of risk. Britain’s European Union membership currently gives UK manufacturers open access to the lucrative European Union market as well as access to further [ ... Read More

  May 18, 2018     

The Five R’s of Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainability is possibly one of the most critical challenges of the 21st century. The concept of sustainability has in the past, only been associated with the environment and impacts on natural resources. The real value of sustainability is in the management of a combination of economic, environmental, social, cultural, human and knowledge capita ... Read More

  May 12, 2018     

Examining the Brexit Effect on UK Manufacturers

As the United Kingdom gets set to vacate the European Union (EU), one of the primary concerns for UK manufacturers is how the government’s post-Brexit arrangements will affect trade, output and supply chain security. It is anticipated that Brexit will lead to a decline in both trade and output, affecting the stability of some 50,000 [… ... Read More

  May 12, 2018     

The State of Automation in UK Manufacturing

Since the unveiling of Henry Ford’s moving assembly line in 1913, automation has driven greater efficiencies within manufacturing. The continuous flow production methods developed at Ford’s Michigan Plant changed the way manufacturing inventory components and finished goods were assembled. Today, digital solutions and automation are forcing a t ... Read More

  May 12, 2018     

Partner Spotlight: BlueHub

We recently had the chance to catchup with Guy Earnshaw, a Senior Solutions Consultant from our Implementation Partner BlueHub. Tell us about BlueHub! How did BlueHub’s journey begin? BlueHub has been helping SMEs with their business software for over 15 years. We’re experts in Inventory and Project Management Add-ons for cloud accounti ... Read More

  May 1, 2018     

Can Software Solve the Manufacturing Skills Shortage?

Bristol, UK UK manufacturers have benefited from an export boom in recent years, taking advantage of stronger exchange rates following the BREXIT vote in June 2016. However, there is growing concern that skill shortages pose a major threat to the sector’s prospects. With manufacturing currently making up around 10% of the UK economy, it’s no [& ... Read More

  April 25, 2018     

How Do You Distill Success with Inventory Management?

By Stephen Jones, Unleashed UK Territory Manager Distilleries are Booming The festive period in 2017 saw sales rise by £104m compared with the previous year, according to the Wine and Spirit Trade Association. In the 12 weeks to the end of December, over 16 million bottles of gin, worth £413m, were sold! There was a […] ... Read More

  April 6, 2018     

Partner Spotlight: Menzies LLP

Today, we’re going to cast the spotlight on our partner, Menzies LLP. We are joined by Mark Bober, Assistant Manager at Menzies. Could you tell us a bit about Menzies LLP? Menzies is a top 20 firm of accountants, finance and business advisors that operate out of a network of offices across Surrey, Hampshire and […] ... Read More

  April 3, 2018     

Women in Tech – It All Adds Up!

Bristol, UK Recruiting more women into roles within the technology sector continues to be to a major challenge for employers. In the UK technology sector, only 15% of people working in STEM roles are female, and women hold only 5% of tech leadership positions. Lisa Miles-Heal, General Manager and Chief Technology Officer of global technology [&hell ... Read More

  March 23, 2018     

UK Manufacturers Harness Tech to Drive Productivity

London, UK Figures from the Office of National Statistics released last month show that despite UK productivity growing the quickest it has done for six years, workers’ productivity and therefore output, has been startlingly low over the past decade. However, it’s not all doom and gloom as Britain’s manufacturing sector has experienced a boos ... Read More

  March 9, 2018     

Technology Helps UK SMEs Achieve Export Growth

Despite the uncertainty caused by BREXIT, there has never been a better time for British businesses to explore new markets worldwide. Figures released earlier this week from the UK Government’s Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) show that overseas sales of UK food and drink continued to soar last year, with record expor ... Read More

  March 8, 2018     

Unleashed Software Invests in Bristol

Bristol, UK Global inventory management software company, Unleashed Software, has taken its UK expansion plans one stage further with the growth of its UK head office in Bristol. Hoping to capitalise on the city’s reputation as a thriving centre for innovative technology businesses, the company is recruiting to expand its South West team, followi ... Read More

  February 2, 2018     

Unleashed Software’s New Referral Partner Programme

As our technology improves in leaps and bounds, the way businesses carry out their processes are evolving to keep pace. No longer are businesses relying on pen and paper or a spreadsheet to manage their inventory. The future of business software is in the cloud. But what happens if you have a client you want […] ... Read More

  January 12, 2018     

Unleashed Software Launches Accountancy Referral Partner Programme

London, UK Unleashed Software has launched a new Referral Partner Programme for UK accountancy practices seeking to develop their advisory services. The new programme enables accountancy firms to gain a competitive advantage by providing clients with advice on optimising their inventory processes via the Unleashed Software platform. Used by thousan ... Read More

  January 9, 2018     

SME Food Producers and the Grocery Price Wars

Product pricing strategies can be a mystery for many businesses. Pricing is a critical decision for a business to make; the price at which you sell your products is one of the biggest determinants of your revenue and profitability. Strong price competition between grocery retailers is pushing down price expectations. The external landscape can be [ ... Read More

  December 12, 2017     

Looking to the Future: UK Small Business Confidence

UK business confidence has seen better days. Small businesses are increasingly concerned about their long-term prospects, signalling concern for the wider UK economy. In June 2017, the Federation of Small Businesses noted the first real dip in business confidence since the Brexit referendum in June the year earlier. As Brexit draws nearer, that dip ... Read More

  November 21, 2017