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Topic: freight costs

3 Ways Accurate Costing Really Impacts Your Business

Regardless of the size of a business or where it chooses to operate, one necessity remains constant, and that’s the need for accurate costing. ... Read More

  December 16, 2019     

The Basics of Less Than Truckload Accessorial Fees

When you need to ship freight there are many options and factors that play a part in your decision. If you are considering a less than truckload (LTL) service, it can be intimidating to understand everything that is involved in the process. When embarking into the transport and logistics industry, there is a plethora of […] ... Read More

  January 18, 2018     

Are You Using the Right Inventory Control System?

As an inventory stock manager it is significantly important to be able to develop an inventory stock control system to manage customer demand. This is because that demand for the product will control inventory costs, carrying costs, ordering costs and storage costs. Inventory stock control systems can be categorised as push or pull models. Knowing ... Read More

  January 2, 2018     

Finding Value-Adding Suppliers

When running a company, it is vital to understand all factors affecting inventory management, which includes suppliers and the dependence of the company on them. Without product supply and right procurement processes in place, the company cannot provide for their own customer’s needs which essentially jeopardises profits and survival. However, it ... Read More

  December 16, 2017     

Port charges and their impact on business

Globalisation provides businesses with easier access to international markets. It affords companies the ability to readily purchase goods from international suppliers or to export to foreign buyers. This means, that ocean freight is now a significant part of the many factors affecting inventory management. Competition in the global logistics indust ... Read More

  December 2, 2017     

LTL Freight for SMEs Explained

A business’ freight costs can be a significant source of savings if optimised and selected strategically. In fact, it is important to consider freight selection as a vital step in the manufacturing process rather than it all just ending with the completion of a product. LTL or Less-than-Truckload shipping is a cost-effective shipping option for [ ... Read More

  September 4, 2017     

Are Your Freight Charges Affected By These Trends?

The freight transportation industry has seen many challenges, particularly in the last decade. We provide a snapshot of the industry’s current trends by identifying these changes and challenges and how they affect freight charges today. Related Freight charges This is good news for heavy users of freight. With the increased purchases of trucks fo ... Read More

  August 14, 2017     

A penny saved is a penny earned: How this extends to freight costs

Running a business can be a tricky one, especially when it comes to trying to save money and keeping the bottom line flourishing. Often the things that can eat away at the bottom line are essential running costs which often go unnoticed. One of these cost categories is freight costs. Keep reading to learn how […] ... Read More

  July 20, 2017     

Eight Ways to Cut Freight Charges

Part of operating a business is providing something for someone else for a charge. Now unless you provide services, it is likely that a significant proportion of your operations involves bundling up stock, booking couriers and sending it out to customers. There are many types of freight and modes of transport all with differing logistics. [… ... Read More

  July 12, 2017     

The Many Variables Affecting Freight Charges

There are a range of factors that can influence the cost of freight transportation. Some of these factors can cause an increase in the cost of shipping rates, which can have a negative affect on your business. Below, we summarize the factors that may influence freight charges, from decreased freight volumes to international affairs and […] ... Read More

  June 13, 2017     

Five Strategies to Reduce Freight Costs

For businesses that deal in large quantities of inventory, transportation costs can have a significant impact on profitability and growth. Transport costs can be mystifying for many businesses, with a number of different freight products, classes and highly dynamic costs. Although it pays to plan for cost spikes, the best strategy to reduce the fin ... Read More

  May 24, 2017     

8 Key Factors that Influence Freight Costs

If your business involves inventory - whether you are a wholesaler, manufacturer or retailer - freight charges are one of the key costs of doing business. ... Read More

  April 28, 2017