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Topic: food manufacturing

A snapshot of the food industry in 2020: What the data says

How has the food industry managed the tumult of 2020? We pulled aggregated and anonymised performance data from Unleashed to get an early look at the types of business navigating the disruption successfully – and what they’ve done. Why use Unleashed to gain a food industry snapshot? Because Unleashed is used by many in the […] ... Read More

  August 19, 2020     

How Food Manufacturing Software Drives Profit [w Case Studies]

Effective inventory management is crucial to reducing costs in any manufacturing business. This is particularly true in the food manufacturing industry, which characteristically has a high volume of products stored, and an urgent need to fill existing client orders to match ongoing consumer demand. Cost reductions in food manufacturing can be achie ... Read More

  August 12, 2020     

5 Signs a F&B Business is Not Prepared For a Product Safety Recall

Product recalls have cost billions over the last five years, spanning over many sectors, not only unique to the food and beverage industry. Alarmingly, it is more than just bad luck. Industry reports show record spikes of food and product recalls, highlighting the problem is likely a result of poor training, poor control, a lack […] ... Read More

  February 12, 2020     

4 Ways Online Inventory Management Helps Manage Food-based Businesses

Understandably the food and beverage industries are one of the most regulated sectors globally; mistakes with the handling, preparation and storage of food can be a cause of serious health threats for consumers. By implementing an online inventory management system into your operations you can better meet regulatory obligations and safely manage yo ... Read More

  October 3, 2018     

How to Reduce Your Food Inventory Waste

Food waste is the food inventory that is discarded, expired, or uneaten; the causes of food waste are numerous. Food waste can occur anywhere within the food supply chain, from the farm to food manufacturing, retail, distribution and in most instances, by the final customer. Globally it is estimated that over one-third of all food […] ... Read More

  October 3, 2018     

A Competitive Edge: Inventory Challenges and Opportunities in F&B

The food and beverage industry is one of the largest manufacturing industries in the world, estimated to be worth over $5,650 billion as of 2017. With an industry of this size comes a huge amount of raw and completed inventory that requires monitored control to ensure that costs are kept as low as possible in […] ... Read More

  September 27, 2018     

The Role of Inventory Management in the Food Industry

The food industry is somewhat different than other industries with large inventories. The inventory stock in the food industry is often perishable, which changes the way food companies manage inventory. To operate a successful food company, you need the right food inventory software in place to manage the supply chain, delivery of the product, and ... Read More

  September 25, 2018     

How Can Inventory Management Lessen the Impact of Food Industry Waste?

The food industry is known to be one of the largest producers of waste which makes it a good time to discuss how waste is generated and ways to keep it at a minimum using inventory management can facilitate waste control. The scale of food waste 1.9 million tonnes of commercial food waste is discarded […] ... Read More

  September 24, 2018     

Inventory Management Challenges in the Food & Beverage Industry

The food and beverage (F&B) industry is a fickle one that constantly changes and evolves based on consumer trends and seasonal produce growth and therefore can be very challenging to manage in terms of inventory and resource planning. The challenges it faces include tough competition within the industry, seasonal demands, a constant need for in ... Read More

  September 24, 2018     

Leveraging Food Production Software to Improve Food Safety

The food and beverage industry is one of the most regulated in the world and food production software and inventory management tools contribute to a safe and compliant final product. In Australia, the ACCC recalled 4.5 million items in 2017-18 covering 613 different products, the second largest group of recalled products were food and groceries. [& ... Read More

  September 21, 2018     

The Reluctance to Automate Leaves UK’s Food Industry Stagnant

Competition is rife in every industry. In order to keep up with competitors you have to be innovative and quick. Globally, the food industry is seeing more automation than ever; robots and high performance machinery are taking the lead. They are sculpting new paths for the food industry. However, some competitors seem to be lagging. […] ... Read More

  May 19, 2018     

Innovation Poses New Challenges and Opportunities in the Food and Beverage Industry

One critical factor for food and beverage industry growth is innovation. While the food and beverage players are experienced innovators, the industry itself is facing new consumer, food safety and regulatory challenges. Technological advances, including innovative food manufacturing software as well as changes in food science, are presenting new op ... Read More

  April 20, 2018     

3 Key Trends That Will Drive Business Success in FY 2019

As some of us begin a new financial year, it’s time to reflect on trends from the year that’s been. The 2018 financial year continued the dramatic trend of change that small and medium sized businesses have been experiencing for the last few years. If the last few years are anything to go by, the […] ... Read More

  April 10, 2018     

Reduce Your Environmental Impact with Inventory Management Software

The food manufacturing sector in the United States encompasses a massive range of small and large businesses, employing millions and pumping billions of dollars into the economy. Despite this, food manufacturing presents an equally large challenge to the welfare of the environment. The process of manufacturing food involves toxic chemicals, which c ... Read More

  March 10, 2018     

Greening Your Food Manufacturing Supply Chain

In 2018, consumers in the food and beverage market are more conscientious and demanding than ever. Environmental certification, local produce and waste reduction are all major themes in food and beverage marketers’ toolkits. Of course, to market your products as a ‘green’ option, your business has to make its environmental impact a key consid ... Read More

  March 6, 2018     

Supply Chains Lack Transparency in the Global Food Market

When you go to the supermarket, there are food products from all over the world. Whether you realise it or not, the supply chain that ends up in your shopping trolley is a global exercise. Food is being produced, packaged, shipped and purchased in every direction. Food supply chains are not a streamlined procedure. They […] ... Read More

  March 1, 2018     

Getting Acquainted with the F&B Supply Chain

The food and beverage (F&B) supply chain is certainly very complex to understand and control for business optimisation. It involves numerous components that are all at the mercy of uncontrollable factors, further adding to the onerous task of the manufacturer. Seventy seven per cent of manufacturers have reported the complexity of their supply ... Read More

  February 24, 2018     

Sustainable Challenges of Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management impacts business and the economy, the global population and the environment. Supply chain management is a logistical and operational exercise that faces many challenges along the way. Not only is executing this process difficult, trying to do it in a sustainable manner is even more of a challenge. The Food Journey Let’s [& ... Read More

  January 20, 2018     

Dealing with Seasonality: A Guide for Food Manufacturers

At first blush, many food manufacturers’ business plans seem straightforward. Food manufacturers choose a mix of innovative food products, optimise costs and plan to sell as many units as possible. Unfortunately, the market for processed food is highly dynamic, so food producers are unlikely to produce consistent volumes of food products in fixed ... Read More

  December 7, 2017     

The Happiest Time of the Year? Holiday Pressures for Food Manufacturers

Holiday seasons are often just as exciting for food manufacturers as they are for consumers. Holiday seasons are big business for food manufacturers – a chance to boost revenue, build positive associations between your brand and festive times and get people talking about your business’ products. Food manufacturers routinely respond to consu ... Read More

  December 7, 2017     

F&B Manufacturers Embracing Technology and Innovation

The food and beverage industry is an ever-changing and ever-growing sector and therefore represents a prime candidate for innovation and development. You would not be wrong in thinking that a large part of innovation in this industry is attributable to flavour, however, more and more innovation involves the consumer behaviour, the processing, the p ... Read More

  November 27, 2017     

Three Challenges that Require F&B Manufacturers to Innovate

Food and beverage producers have been innovating for more than a century; the industry has consistently improved by creating innovative flavours, improving shelf stability and reducing production costs to make food available for more people than ever before. Now, as the industry faces more significant challenges than ever before, the food and bever ... Read More

  November 27, 2017