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Topic: FIFO

Control Your Inventory to Control Your Cashflow

When you think of inventory, you might think of a warehouse, cardboard boxes or endless aisles of products stacked high into a ceiling. When you think of inventory, do you think of how it’s impacting a business’s daily cashflow? It might not be the first thing to come to mind, but it sure is important. […] ... Read More

  November 28, 2018     

Accounting For Your Inventory Stock

Inventory can be fast moving and large in scale. In addition, inventory passes through numerous stages throughout its lifespan. In order to gain an accurate picture of a business’ financial situation, it is necessary to properly account for inventory. Depending on how a business calculates their inventory, it can reflect in different ways on thei ... Read More

  January 17, 2018     

Establishing Your Inventory Value

What is value? It can mean different things to different people and will represent something different to both you and your customers. Consumers see value in the form of the benefit and functionality that a product offers. Value to the business represents the financial cost or revenue stream inventory creates. From an accounting perspective, the [& ... Read More

  May 29, 2017     

Think Products: An easy choice for a healthy food snack

Hugh Cowan was a naturopath before he started Think Products. He saw there was a need in the Australian market for simple, genuinely healthy food snacks options. Offering carefully selected nutritious snacks, Think Products emphasises quality over quantity. They want to make the decision of what snacks to buy a simple one for the customer, [&hellip ... Read More

  November 24, 2016