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Topic: employee satisfaction

How to Improve Productivity in Manufacturing – The 4 Best Ways

If you own a manufacturing business, chances are you will have a list of things you want to change to make your operations run smoother. You have employees and your manufacturing floors and systems in place. You know they can all be improved, but where do you start? When the options seem endless, it is […] ... Read More

  August 25, 2020     

P2P Training: Learning Through Teaching

Peer-to-peer (P2P) learning in the workforce is an effective method of conducting in-house training and professional development. It encompasses any learning platform or opportunity that is run by staff for staff where knowledge is imparted. Companies often have a professional development budget and although it is sometimes easier when everyone is ... Read More

  May 17, 2018     

The Importance of Inventory Management Training for your Staff

It’s widely acknowledged that inventory stock accounts for a considerable portion of a business’s assets. A company’s greatest resource however, is not as easily recognised and much harder to measure. That resource of course, is your staff and the contribution they make to your organisation. So how do you connect the two to get the […] ... Read More

  March 29, 2018     

Accurate Inventory Records are Crucial for Success

Without keeping an accurate record of your company’s inventory, you risk dissatisfying your customers and ultimately, losing profit. Below, we summarize precisely why keeping accurate inventory records is crucial for the success of your business. Be Prepared An accurate inventory record first and foremost means that you are more likely to be able ... Read More

  June 5, 2017