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Topic: eCommerce

How Manufacturers are Overcoming the Challenges of eCommerce

Until now, retail has been the predominant sector when it comes to online sales and digital eCommerce. However, manufacturing and B2B are more readily embracing online technology and eCommerce platforms, with early adopters gaining significant market share. While many manufacturers and B2B organisations understand the value of utilising digital pla ... Read More

  July 4, 2018     

Inventory Management for Your E-commerce Business

To create or maintain a sustainable e-commerce business, entrepreneurs need to have a strong understanding of the complexities of inventory control. To avoid overstocking or stockouts they should have some idea of the demand fluctuations specific to their business and know the time it takes to replace inventory stock. Automate To build a scalable e ... Read More

  June 22, 2018     

The 7 P’s of E-commerce Software

Delving into the e-commerce world is an exciting adventure albeit somewhat daunting. You need a ‘shopfront’ – somewhere you can show off your wares to customers. Here we review some points to consider when choosing your cloud-based e-commerce software. Price The price of the product you are signing up for is obviously extremely important, ... Read More

  June 22, 2018     

4 Top Tips to Selecting E-Commerce Software

Selecting best-in-class e-commerce software for your business can be a daunting task. There are many factors to be considered, such as pricing, plugin support, SEO capability, mobile suitability and customer support. Here are four top tips to help you evaluate your options. List out business requirements As tempting as it is to begin searching imme ... Read More

  June 21, 2018     

3 Emerging Trends in UK E-Commerce

The UK retail landscape is changing rapidly. Consumer spending is decreasing, competition is increasing between businesses, and people are turning to e-commerce at an unprecedented rate. This has resulted in an increasingly complex retail environment for online retailers whilst complicating logistics, pricing and overarching strategy for e-commerce ... Read More

  June 21, 2018     

6 Best Practices in Inventory Management for E-commerce

Inventory stock management can often be a major headache for any e-commerce store and if you do not do it right, it can be very costly in terms of customer satisfaction and profits. With a little planning and effort, you can develop a system that is right for your store. Below we identify 6 current […] ... Read More

  May 3, 2018     

Managing Inventory in Your E-commerce Business

When you are running an e-commerce store selling products online, inventory control can be one of the biggest challenges your virtual business will face. Getting it wrong can cost you a lot of time and money. Sales growth and business success can be directly attributed to having the right inventory stock available, in the right […] ... Read More

  May 1, 2018     

E-commerce and the Challenges of Inventory Management

E-commerce denotes any exchanging of money or services online. Basically, any business transaction that occurs in the online space is labelled as e-commerce. This can refer to a seller on Etsy, or to retail giant Amazon. Regardless of the size of the seller, there are some inventory management principles that apply to both. Get online […] ... Read More

  April 30, 2018     

What Does the Future Hold for Brick-and-Mortar Retail?

Retail is changing rapidly. The future is uncertain as online shopping has had a sweeping presence that has changed the playing field dramatically. There has been a shift in buying behaviour. Consumers are trending towards digital buying platforms. Meanwhile, brick-and-mortar retailers are battling to compete. With ecommerce giants like Amazon, com ... Read More

  March 7, 2018     

9 Tech Trends That Are Rapidly Changing How Businesses Do Business

As technology and digital marketing tools continue to improve, businesses will have to adapt to trends in marketing and consumer behaviour. Here are the key technological trends of 2017 to particularly take note of so businesses can quickly implement new tools and strategies for greater success, improved inventory management and improved customer i ... Read More

  November 13, 2017     

Is eCommerce the future of wholesale?

Following in the footsteps of retail business, wholesale B2B sales are increasingly moving online. Over the past two decades, the internet and trade liberalisation have shrunk the globe paving the way for wholesalers (from small, specialist businesses to mass wholesalers) to compete in virtually every wholesale market. eCommerce has emerged as the ... Read More

  October 28, 2017     

What is in store for the future of wholesale?

Wholesale businesses have come a long way over the decades with their advertising and reach. No longer does a retailer consult thick, glossy product manuals. Restocking their retail outlet is as simple as sitting back at their laptop and connecting to the wholesaler on the opposite site of the world directly, with up-to-date information about [&hel ... Read More

  October 21, 2017     

Why eCommerce is the future for wholesalers

B2B eCommerce is short for business-to-business, electronic commerce, where it is selling products or services between businesses via an online sales portal. In general, it is used to improve efficiency for companies. Why is this important? Numerous industry reports suggest that B2B eCommerce sales will top 1 trillion by 2020. This is because a gro ... Read More

  October 7, 2017     

Better Dropshipping with Inventory Management

Essentially, dropshipping is a retail method used to sell goods without having any inventory, and inventory management systems are integral for success. ... Read More

  March 10, 2017     

Multiple Shopify stores integration, multiple warehouses, – one integrated solution

Unlocking the power of Unleashed for Shopify multi-store Whether you are a well-established business with a hundred employees spread out across several countries or a one-man band growing your fledgling business from your living room, ensuring your e-commerce business operates efficiently and profitably is all about seamless and effective systems i ... Read More

  February 13, 2017     

Client Spotlight: Entertaining Environments

We are proud to be helping consumer electronics companies like Entertaining Environments, a leading industry provider of contemporary technology solutions. Unleashed provides them a dynamic inventory management and a seamless integration between their business systems, creating a greater efficiency within their business. Find out more about En ... Read More

  November 2, 2016