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Topic: eCommerce

Looking Ahead: Upcoming Trends in Order Fulfilment

Perfecting the process of order fulfilment is extremely important when it comes to customer satisfaction. In this article, we examine a few key trends in order fulfilment to help you determine the best approaches to the task for your business in the future months. Preparing for rising shipping costs Shipping costs continue to rise, and […] ... Read More

  October 29, 2018     

How to Enhance Your Order Fulfilment Processes

Order fulfilment plays a big role for any company with inventory. Without an order fulfilment process, a company wouldn’t be able to deliver their product to their customers. It is an involved process and it begins from the moment a customer places an order and only finishes when the product has landed successfully in the […] ... Read More

  October 26, 2018     

4 Common eCommerce Order Fulfilment Obstacles

eCommerce has changed the way we shop. It has also changed the way retailers operate their businesses. It has undoubtedly broadened the scope of purchasing and delivery methods. Over time, retailers have adapted and evolved their order fulfilment processes to maintain customer satisfaction. However, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with customer de ... Read More

  October 25, 2018     

5 Steps to Perfect Order Fulfilment

Order fulfilment is a critical area for both B2B and B2C businesses as it directly influences the brand’s image and trust – essential elements for maintaining and growing a successful business. An order fulfilment process flow determines the extent to which the business can meet its customer requirements. With many are players in the fast-p ... Read More

  October 23, 2018     

The Challenges of Buy Online, Pickup In Store

Buy online, pickup in-store (BOPIS) services are fast becoming standard fare for internet-based retailers, who are competing for market share and striving for relevance in the new and ever-evolving eCommerce age. However, while BOPIS offers today’s consumers a convenient alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar shopping, and provides tech-nati ... Read More

  October 18, 2018     

How Will Your Business Handle Inventory Management with BOPIS?

Buy online, pickup in store (BOPIS), or click-and-collect as online shoppers know it, is being adopted by retailers in the era of eCommerce. BOPIS has evolved to meet customer demand. Customers enjoy the flexibility and ease of shopping online on their own devices. They don’t have to hop around from store to store to find […] ... Read More

  October 12, 2018     

What Does the BOPIS Model Mean for Retailers?

We have seen the rise of online shopping and we are watching eCommerce retailers secure a tight hold in the retail market. There has been a significant shift in the way consumers are purchasing products. Retailers are reacting in different ways to not only remain competitive but to stay afloat. In the world of omnichannel […] ... Read More

  October 11, 2018     

Building Bricks and Clicks with BOPIS

What is BOPIS? The acronym is intriguing enough to grab your attention. BOPIS stands for buy online, pickup in store. In the eCommerce world, it is becoming a popular trend for getting products into customers’ hands sooner. The BOPIS model is a very clever strategy to build momentum for the “brick-and-click” operating method. Rather than [&he ... Read More

  October 11, 2018     

3 Current Challenges Facing Multi-Channel Pricing

Multi-channel pricing currently faces a ream of challenges in the retail industry. With the marketplace constantly evolving, the way manufacturers are selling products is drastically changing. There are a variety of ways for your product to land into a consumer’s hands. You have traditional brick-and-mortar stores, eCommerce sites, third-party se ... Read More

  October 5, 2018     

How to Optimise Your Order Fulfilment Process

Having a streamlined order fulfilment process is an important operation that many companies strive for in the age of eCommerce. With an effective order fulfilment process, a company can deliver products to customers swiftly and achieve customer expectations. In the fast-paced eCommerce market, products are shipped around the globe. This means order ... Read More

  October 5, 2018     

The Digital Supply Chain Explained

To define the digital supply chain, we must first define the supply chain. The supply chain describes the chain of processes, events and information sharing that occurs from the point at which a raw product or ingredient is supplied, all the way to when it is sold to the waiting consumer at the end of […] ... Read More

  September 20, 2018     

World Wide Web Wednesday #50

Whether you need some lunchtime reads or something to get you past hump day, we’ve curated five links you’ll enjoy! Amazon going after small businesses Amazon recently launched a new section, Amazon Storefronts, reminiscent of another eCommerce platform Etsy. Is Amazon Storefronts a direct challenge to the hand-made trinkets on Etsy? Doing bett ... Read More

  September 19, 2018     

How Changes in Retail are Impacting Inventory Management

The traditional brick-and-mortar retail stores are changing the way they operate. In the face of eCommerce, brick-and-mortar stores are coming up with clever ways to remain competitive in this vast shift in purchasing behaviours. In order to remain competitive, physical stores are looking for methods to optimise their operational efficiency. New te ... Read More

  September 15, 2018     

eCommerce Growth and the Transformation of the Retail Channel

eCommerce growth will account for a significant percentage of total retail sales in the next three years and is expected to become the largest retail channel in the world. The rise of eCommerce is impacting retailers on many issues, requiring investment, strategy and planning to better take advantage of this opportunity. Businesses need to be [&hel ... Read More

  September 14, 2018     

World Wide Web Wednesday #49

Whether you need some lunchtime reads or something to get you past hump day, we’ve curated five links you’ll enjoy! Master these 3 things to sell on Amazon successfully The wonderful world of Amazon sales can be tempting for retailers but before businesses begin, here are three things they should consider. Who is Alibaba’s next […] ... Read More

  September 12, 2018     

Managing Your Inventory with the Boom of eCommerce

The internet has changed the way we communicate, share knowledge, and effectively how we interact as a society. Businesses have evolved with the internet to grow their presence online and the eCommerce market has followed alongside them. eCommerce has allowed businesses to compete on a global scale, easier than ever before. With internet access ava ... Read More

  September 11, 2018     

How Can Distributors Model Amazon’s Online Inventory Management?

The past few years has seen a drastic improvement on delivery times and customer service, mainly thanks to the eCommerce giant Amazon. Delivering within an hour and stocking anything a customer could possibly want is both a dream and a nightmare for retailers or distributors, with the daunting logistical problems challenging more traditional retail ... Read More

  September 8, 2018     

Keeping Pace in Retail with Online Inventory Management

As customers start to expect continuity between in-store and online products and services, the pressure on retail businesses to have near-perfect accuracy increases. For those new to the online retail market, the demand of customers to limit gaps between online and in-store can be daunting. By using online inventory management, online and in-store ... Read More

  September 7, 2018     

World Wide Web Wednesday #48

Whether you need some lunchtime reads or something to get you past hump day, we’ve curated five links you’ll enjoy! Amazon (briefly) reaches a market value of more than $1 trillion Amazon shares rose to a high of $2050.50 before slipping back. According to Neil Saunders, managing director of GlobalData Retail, “to reach a market […] ... Read More

  September 5, 2018     

World Wide Web Wednesday #47

Whether you need some lunchtime reads or something to get you past hump day, we’ve curated five links you’ll enjoy! Toyota teams up with Uber Toyota is set to invest US$500m in Uber and expand a partnership to jointly develop autonomous cars. This partnership is viewed as a way for both firms to catch up […] ... Read More

  August 29, 2018     

Targeting the Best Digital Markets for Your eCommerce Growth

Within the next five years, eCommerce growth is predicted to become the largest retail channel globally. This rise in eCommerce sales will impact retailers on many fronts, from organisation and store planning, to investment in inventory control systems, and selecting the appropriate digital platform. eCommerce is a low risk, fast way to enter, test ... Read More

  August 28, 2018     

How to Improve Retail Product Returns with Inventory Control

Nearly a third of all eCommerce sales are returned and this is particularly true of fashion items that are sent back because of fit or style. In addition, the free shipping and hassle-free return policies offered by large retailers such as Amazon make it risk-free for consumers to buy now and return later. It is […] ... Read More

  August 28, 2018