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Topic: eCommerce

8 Brilliant Food Marketing Ideas

We all need it, love it, indulge in it. Food is a basic requirement of life, but with clever marketing, it can become a coveted pleasure. The secret to successful food marketing campaigns lies in having a good understanding of the foundations of food marketing and using food manufacturing software. The basics of food marketing […] ... Read More

  February 26, 2021     

ECommerce mistakes – 11 ways to FAIL at multichannel eCommerce

Multichannel eCommerce is now a staple of modern business. It lets businesses reach new audiences and sell to customers where and when they’re ready to shop. Done right, it boosts revenue and maximises margins. Done wrong, however, multichannel eCommerce has the potential to cost a business financially and hurt its brand in the marketplace. Here ... Read More

  January 21, 2021     

How to set up an online store for your business in one week

Alright, we get it: if one more person tells you to pivot your business, you’ll lose it. So, yes, we’ll do our best to make this article a pivot-free zone. However there is one important, er, rapid change in direction that we think any primarily B2B product business should consider in this new Covid-19 environment […] ... Read More

  April 9, 2020     

Social Distancing and Making Sales: Tips for B2B companies

With quarantines, self-isolation and social distancing measures rolled out across the globe, we’re feeling the social and economic effects of the current pandemic. Here are three tips on how your B2B company can survive by doing business through the cloud. Tip 1: Let regular customers self-service During the Covid-19 outbreak your suppliers might ... Read More

  March 23, 2020     

How Can eCommerce Businesses Save Money with Better Inventory Control?

In our digital age, businesses are turning to eCommerce and multichannel selling strategies to help them reach larger, more diverse audiences from across the globe. eCommerce is an excellent way to expand your target base, give your brand international exposure and presence, and grow your business financially. It opens up hundreds of new markets, w ... Read More

  March 11, 2020     

The Dormant Distillery Company: Seamlessly syncing sales channels, stock and accounts using Unleashed

At Unleashed, we’re passionate about our integrations — they help businesses save 1000s of hours every week in time that was wasted manually entering data. By linking up applications specifically designed for inventory management, accounting, POS, eCommerce and more, companies can create a single cohesive system which enables them to ta ... Read More

  January 30, 2020     

The Value of Business Intelligence For Your Business

In the current environment of big data, many business owners are finding themselves overwhelmed by large volumes of information. They are constantly seeking ways to gain a better understanding and control of this information to derive the best value for their organisation. Business intelligence (BI) is a combination of the tools, technologies, appl ... Read More

  November 26, 2019     

Getting Ready for a Multichannel Christmas

Convenience is key when it comes to Christmas shopping and eCommerce sellers thrive during the holiday shopping season. They have the opportunity to increase their sales with multichannel selling. If you’re a business owner or trying to manage inventory for the holiday season, it’s important to prepare yourself. There is a spectrum of channels ... Read More

  November 13, 2019     

Understanding the Key Factors Affecting Inventory Control for eCommerce Businesses

The nature of online businesses is significantly different in scale and operations to traditional retail outlets and as a result the scale of inventory stock can range from small home storage to vast, multiple warehouses facilities. Regardless of whether it’s a multichannel business, its size or nature of the business, it is essential to keep ... Read More

  November 11, 2019     

New Inventory Management Challenges for eCommerce Business Owners

While eCommerce offers many opportunities for business owners there can be some inventory management challenges with an eCommerce business. In a traditional brick-and-mortar business, managing inventory was a simple matter of tracking sales and stock flow at one or two locations. Multichannel selling, especially eCommerce, presents new challenges f ... Read More

  November 6, 2019     

Mastering the Art of Backorders

With eCommerce sites, you can be selling product 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s a powerful retail option for businesses. Your online eCommerce presence can lead to a significant increase in sales. However, what happens if that increase in orders becomes hard to stay on top of? You want to fulfil orders, […] ... Read More

  August 26, 2019     

Pinjarra Bakery: How we saved $30k-$40k a year with the B2B Store

One of the biggest benefits of upgrading to Unleashed is the flexibility you get: from the software itself, our range of integrations and the B2B Store. So we were excited to hear about how one of our customers, Pinjarra Bakery, took the flexibility they achieved with Unleashed one step further by using the B2B Store […] ... Read More

  July 22, 2019     

Bringing Back Personalisation to the B2B eCommerce Arena

B2C businesses have long recognised the need for personalisation in new lead generation and converting leads to sales. In layman’s terms, this is encouraging new customers to enter the store or browse the website, and to convert their generic interest to a sale so the company makes a profit. Traditionally, personalisation is easy through the [&he ... Read More

  June 20, 2019     

How Customers are Changing the Face of eCommerce

Customers’ expectations and shopping habits are changing eCommerce, causing implications to the way retailers are conducting their businesses. Among today’s demanding consumers, changes have led to retailers closing unprofitable stores and to invest in digital platforms. The insights we present to you about consumers shopping habits below is a ... Read More

  June 12, 2019     

Great Customer Experiences are Driving Sales in B2B eCommerce

B2B clients are increasingly heading online to undertake purchasing activities, making it crucial for wholesalers to start utilising digital technologies and eCommerce platforms to take advantage of this shift by implementing B2B eCommerce strategies to stay competitive. The important first step in achieving a successful B2B eCommerce business is t ... Read More

  May 28, 2019     

The Why and How of Personalising B2B eCommerce

You have invested in developing a B2B eCommerce platform and now you want to position yourself as a wholesale leader. This means implementing a smart digital strategy that provides B2B shoppers with a personalised experience. Why personalise B2B eCommerce? Personalisation vastly improves your customers’ shopping experience and not only do cli ... Read More

  May 11, 2019     

Making it as a Multichannel Merchant: 4 Steps to Implement for Tangible Results

Being successful in today’s retail market is no easy feat and, in fact, can be quite daunting. However it is certainly not impossible, and with some careful thought and consideration, embarking on the right steps at the right time and committing to some hard work can get your brand off the ground. In this article, […] ... Read More

  May 1, 2019     

Does Personalising Your B2B eCommerce Store Really Drive Sales?

As consumers in this data-driven world, we now expect personalised shopping experiences that are tailored to our needs. Similarly, B2B buyers increasingly expect similar online shopping experiences to what they experience in B2C digital commerce — they expect round-the-clock availability and a personalised approach. Companies who have fully inves ... Read More

  April 30, 2019     

How Enhancing Customer Experience Can Enhance B2B Sales

The wholesale eCommerce industry is in its infancy, but the market is already worth trillions of dollars. As the scope of B2B eCommerce expands, this means B2B sales will grow with it. However, will B2B eCommerce sales follow the lead of B2C? Though it might share some similarities to B2C, the customer relationships within B2B […] ... Read More

  April 29, 2019     

Consumer Shopping Preferences are Driving Changes in The eCommerce Sector

In the last few years, the eCommerce sector has seen a shift in what drives buyer behaviours. Where previously consumers looked for quality packaging and fast delivery, they are now prioritising convenience, experience and quality when making online purchase decisions. The ever-changing perspectives on how consumers shop and interact with your bran ... Read More

  April 26, 2019     

Why Your B2B eCommerce Should Use Personalisation

In the context of eCommerce, personalisation is taking what you know about a customer and using it to make a unique and more valuable experience tailored for that user. Personalisation for B2Bs coming through your website is far more effective than giving visitors a flat and generic experience. The end results for a business is […] ... Read More

  April 25, 2019     

What a Multichannel Strategy Means for your Supply Chain

A shift in consumer shopping preferences and behaviours is driving the growth toward multichannel retailing. This multichannel strategy has a direct impact on a business’ supply chain and creates different priorities for both retailers and their suppliers. For retailers, supply chain priorities include increasing on-shelf availability while reduc ... Read More

  April 23, 2019