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Topic: ditch spreadsheets

Simple and Intuitive? The Reality Of Using Spreadsheets Instead Of Online Inventory Management

We’ve all been there: you’re just starting your business and you need to keep track of your inventory stock. You don’t need anything fancy, it’s not like you have a lot of transactions to monitor, you just need a way to record stock flowing in and out of your store. So you turn to Microsoft […] ... Read More

  February 23, 2019     

Spreadsheets for Inventory: What Are You Actually Getting?

For a small business, using a spreadsheet is a simple, cost-effective solution to managing your inventory, right? Well, maybe, but maybe not. In the early days of a small business, a spreadsheet is an easy way to reduce upfront costs and still manage your inventory. Perhaps your company only has a few suppliers or products […] ... Read More

  January 19, 2019     

Five Bad Online Inventory Management Habits Holding Your Business Back

Although inventory management can pose some difficult challenges for growing businesses, getting the basics right is generally as simple as avoiding some common, critical mistakes. Inventory is typically one of a business’ biggest assets, and is usually central to a business’ operations. Bad habits can break a business so let’s look at some o ... Read More

  October 2, 2017     

Four Reasons Why Inventory Automation Saves Money

If your business is stock based, then inventory may be its biggest asset – whether your business is a wholesaler, manufacturer or retailer. Inventory management is essentially the practice of maximising the use and value of your business’ biggest asset. Inventory automation can unlock further efficiencies, allowing your business to grow to ... Read More

  September 4, 2017     

Volt Bikes improves inventory efficiency for their manufacturing business

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Unleashed has given a lot more time to us, we finish our work at normal business hours now rather than having to stay late go through multiple spreadsheets, double- check everything, we just know it’s reliable and really, is really given us more time just to see family and stuff afterwards, it’s nice, just relax. My name is ... Read More

  June 6, 2017     

Inventory Control 101: A Short History of Inventory Management

Inventory control allows centralisation by allowing management to keep track of stock across multiple warehouses, anywhere in the world. ... Read More

  April 26, 2017     

Is your inventory in top shape?

Inventory health is where a healthy balance between stock in and stock out is achieved, which helps business growth in the longterm. ... Read More

  April 25, 2017     

Using inventory management software to keep accurate stock levels

Inventory management software is well established as a valuable tool for keeping and maintaining accurate stock levels for businesses of any size. ... Read More

  April 6, 2017