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New site promotes artisan producers during lockdown

Press Release April 6, 2020 Unleashed Software has launched, a marketplace to help people discover hundreds of small artisan producers and independent manufacturers during lockdown. The Marketplace supports producers that predominantly sell directly to other companies, or through wholesale relationships to shops, catering and ... Read More

  April 6, 2020     

Renewable Parts perfects inventory management with Unleashed

In the west coast of Scotland, Renewable Parts manufactures and supplies wind turbine parts. Boasting over 100 customers, Renewable Parts caters to businesses that range from the largest utility companies like Scottish Power and EDF Energy, to a farmer with one or two wind turbines on his farm. Renewable Parts have been experiencing stellar growth, ... Read More

  August 3, 2018     

Pricing, Quality, Perception and Profits: A Complex Relationship

Despite the impetus of most companies being to make money – more, more money – there is a significant gain to be had from also focusing on customer satisfaction. We will help you understand the complex relationship between pricing, quality perception, real quality and customer satisfaction. Although it is complicated, it has enormous benefits o ... Read More

  August 31, 2017     

Delving into Discount Pricing Strategy

Pricing strategy is fundamental part of a marketing with a strong focus on generating revenue and, ultimately, profit for the company. In a marketing campaign, a pricing strategy, such as discount pricing, can be considered the pursuit of identifying an optimum price for a specific product. What makes a successful pricing strategy? Numerous factors ... Read More

  August 7, 2017     

ShinDigger boosts inventory management efficiency for their brewing company

Simple brewing beginnings The seeds of ShinDigger Brewing Co were sown when founders Paul Delamere and George Grant started home brewing at the University of Manchester. With a loan from the government, they began shadow brewing. This means they didn’t actually own their brewery facilities. Instead, they developed their own recipes and brewed the ... Read More

  May 30, 2017     

Karma Cola confidently grows its beverage business with Unleashed

Drink well, do good Soft drink companies usually get a bad rap for being unhealthy and socially irresponsible. But Karma Cola is a soft drink company that pledges to create a fun, great tasting cola that looks after all those involved in the supply chain for its beverage business. Matt Morrison, co-founder of Karma Cola, […] ... Read More

  May 10, 2017     

Brandini Toffee reduces risk for food manufacturing

Brandini Toffee, early beginnings It was a fairytale beginning to a business – two teenagers started selling toffee made from a simple recipe to raise money for a class trip. Brandon Weimer and his best friend, Leah Post went from these innocuous beginning to creating and distributing a gourmet brand that has been seen on […] ... Read More

  March 15, 2017     

Consignment inventory explained

Whether you're a supplier looking to get your products into retail or a retailer seeking product variety, there are benefits to consignment arrangements. ... Read More

  December 1, 2016     

Tielka Organic Tea Creates Customer Trust

Rebecca Domorev loves a good cup of quality tea, something she’s helping to bring to the Australian market as Director and Co-Founder of Tielka Specialty Fairtrade Organic Tea. Tielka was established in 2008, after finding a gap in the market for fine teas that could be sold wholesale to upmarket restaurants and niche cafes. As […] ... Read More

  November 28, 2016     

Think Products: An easy choice for a healthy food snack

Hugh Cowan was a naturopath before he started Think Products. He saw there was a need in the Australian market for simple, genuinely healthy food snacks options. Offering carefully selected nutritious snacks, Think Products emphasises quality over quantity. They want to make the decision of what snacks to buy a simple one for the customer, [&hellip ... Read More

  November 24, 2016