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Topic: customer retention

Three Measures of Customer Satisfaction Compared

It is a difficult task to gauge customer satisfaction without some form of survey to do so. However, understanding the extent to which your customer base is happy with your services is integral to your company’s success. For this reason, multiple tools have been created to help companies to measure their levels of customer satisfaction. [… ... Read More

  February 3, 2018     

Five Reasons to Consider Trade Discounts

A trade discount is a variable reduction on the wholesale list price. Manufacturers and wholesalers typically publish a single price list rather than notifying prices to each different customer. Offering a specific trade discount to a customer is a way of varying the sale price for that particular customer. Trade discounts can be an important [&hel ... Read More

  August 10, 2017     

Why is inventory control important?

Inventory control means that there is adequate hardware and more importantly software in place that will help to increase efficiencies across your business. ... Read More

  April 11, 2017     

Does Inventory Management Affect Performance?

Inefficient stock control can be avoided with the use of a good inventory management package, and thus company performance can be optimized. ... Read More

  March 27, 2017     

Inventory management – A wholesaler dream

Effective inventory management is essential for a wholesaler to maintain order and efficiency, which will translate into a more flourishing bottom line. ... Read More

  March 23, 2017     

The benefits of a strong inventory management system

There are many aspects to running a business: sales, inventory, financing, and marketing, and all will have benefits for your business if done well. ... Read More

  March 16, 2017     

How to turn the problem of being overstocked into a business opportunity

Overstocked? Don't worry, this negative can be turned positive, and even give you a chance to re-engage with your customers. ... Read More

  March 1, 2017     

Common inventory mistakes and how to fix them

Inventory management is such a critical aspect of business operations that when things go wrong, there can be far-reaching consequences ... Read More

  January 25, 2017     

Inventory Management – More Than Just Controlling Your Stock

When asked what inventory management is, business owners often say it’s about keeping control over stock levels: optimising how much inventory your business holds, to minimise costs associated with inventory handling, obsolete stock, and logistics. While inventory management assists with all of these things, its benefits to a business exte ... Read More

  July 8, 2015