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Topic: customer experience

Let Business Intelligence Support Your Decision Making

If you have a business then you undoubtedly have an endless amount of data about your business. But what about analysing and reporting on that data? Sometimes creating meaningful answers from your piles of data can be challenging and time-consuming. When you have data pilling up, the data doesn’t end up being very helpful. An […] ... Read More

  November 22, 2019     

The Why and How of Personalising B2B eCommerce

You have invested in developing a B2B eCommerce platform and now you want to position yourself as a wholesale leader. This means implementing a smart digital strategy that provides B2B shoppers with a personalised experience. Why personalise B2B eCommerce? Personalisation vastly improves your customers’ shopping experience and not only do cli ... Read More

  May 11, 2019     

How Enhancing Customer Experience Can Enhance B2B Sales

The wholesale eCommerce industry is in its infancy, but the market is already worth trillions of dollars. As the scope of B2B eCommerce expands, this means B2B sales will grow with it. However, will B2B eCommerce sales follow the lead of B2C? Though it might share some similarities to B2C, the customer relationships within B2B […] ... Read More

  April 29, 2019     

Inventory Control and Quality Control – What’s The Connection?

Quality control and inventory control are equally important to the ongoing success of your business. Both form the basis of an efficient organisation that operates at high productivity levels, minimises waste and delivers quality products to meet or exceed consumers’ expectations. Inventory Control Inventory as we know, is the stock of goods eith ... Read More

  April 23, 2018     

How Good Inventory Management Can Improve the Customer Experience

Every business owner knows just how vital customer satisfaction is for success. However, many new business owners may overlook a key contributor to improving customer experience. In this article, we highlight just how important good inventory management is for improving the overall customer experience. From faster delivery times and more, inventory ... Read More

  April 13, 2018     

Let Online Inventory Management Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Inventory management systems are a critical part any company with a warehouse. With the right processes in place, a company can track inventory levels, create purchasing schedules and clear unwanted inventory efficiently. However, there isn’t one specific way to track inventory. Depending on the size of your warehouse, how frequently product is m ... Read More

  April 9, 2018     

5 Tips for Business Success

Having business acumen means you can strategically ascertain what actions should be taken in response to pressures to preserve or enhance your company’s business and prosperity. It is no easy feat and only some are truly gifted with it. However, a constant desire to drive the company forward and make strategic decisions that may not […] ... Read More

  March 24, 2018     

SME and Omni-channel Warehouse Management

The face of retail has changed dramatically in today’s digitally connected world. Consumers are more well-informed than ever before and have increasingly higher expectations of their shopping experience. Not only do they want convenience and value, but they want the ability to purchase anything, from anyplace, at any time. Demanding fast and effi ... Read More

  February 23, 2018     

Why NPS is Important to Customer Satisfaction

What is NPS The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a tool used to gauge the likelihood that someone will recommend your company to someone else. By using a 1-10 scale, it asks customers how likely they are to recommend your company based on their most recent experience. After the 1-10 scale, there is a second […] ... Read More

  February 6, 2018     

Can Physical Retailers Compete with Online Stores?

Even with the likes of Amazon and other online superstars, which have created new challenges for offline retailers, it does not necessarily mean brick and mortar stores cannot compete with these online giants. With the right sales force, marketing strategies and products in your stores, you can find that going up against these ecommerce stores [&he ... Read More

  January 30, 2018     

Two Proven Alternatives to Net Promoter Score

When it comes to measuring customer satisfaction for a company, you may be familiar with the use of a Net Promoter Score (NPS) as a tool for measuring customer loyalty. NPS works by measuring how likely a customer is to recommend your business to a friend on a scale from 0 to 10. From here, […] ... Read More

  January 22, 2018     

Five Tips to Maximise Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to retaining clients, what’s crucial is customer satisfaction. Businesses can use lots of strategies to drum up business in the short term, but at the end of the day, satisfied customers keep your business going. While it is important to receive and respond to customer feedback, it is also important to find […] ... Read More

  December 22, 2017     

Testing for Customer Satisfaction

If your business deals with more than a handful of customers, you’d probably benefit from better understanding how well your business is meeting their needs. Using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to track customer satisfaction in your business can be a valuable test of your customers’ loyalty. NPS essentially works by asking customers to rate, [&h ... Read More

  December 21, 2017     

The Concept of Value Stream

When trying to create value to customers, you need to make a value stream.  A value stream looks at all the steps and processes used from the beginning of value creation until the delivery of your end result to a customer. What is a value stream? In essence, a value stream is an amalgamation of […] ... Read More

  December 1, 2017     

The knock-on effects of understocking

How understocking can negatively affect your business Many companies these days are using different techniques to manage their inventory. One of the more popular ones is a just in time method whereby inventory is carefully managed to only be available as and when it’s needed for customers. If done effectively this can help reduce inventory [&hell ... Read More

  September 24, 2016