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Topic: customer demand

How to Manage Inventory in a Seasonal Business

Managing inventory in a seasonal business may need a slightly different approach than businesses who experience steady demand throughout the year. In this article, we outline how business owners can effectively manage inventory in their seasonal business. Research and Predict Demand Trends While you may have a general idea of when demand will pick ... Read More

  June 19, 2018     

SME and Omni-channel Warehouse Management

The face of retail has changed dramatically in today’s digitally connected world. Consumers are more well-informed than ever before and have increasingly higher expectations of their shopping experience. Not only do they want convenience and value, but they want the ability to purchase anything, from anyplace, at any time. Demanding fast and effi ... Read More

  February 23, 2018     

Happy Customers, Thriving Company: The Role of Inventory Management

If there were no customers, there would be no business. And with no business, there is no income. So, it would be safe to summarise that customers should be the point of business, would it not? Since we have ascertained that customers are important and therefore their satisfaction should be paramount, how can inventory management […] ... Read More

  December 9, 2017     

Lean Manufacturing and the Food Industry

Lean is a philosophy of delivering value from a customer’s point of view, eliminating waste and continuously and improving a food company’s processes. ... Read More

  April 12, 2017     

The benefits of lean manufacturing for the food and beverage industry

Lean manufacturing and Total Quality Management (TQM) first came about through the work of Henry Ford, followed by Toyota in Japan. They set about to decrease ‘Muda’, a term given to everything in a process that is unnecessary, time-wasting and that results in a loss of profitability. Since their pioneering work to implement TQM and lean proces ... Read More

  October 25, 2016     

9 Strategies to Improve Inventory Management

Getting your inventory management strategies working in harmony can be a daunting – but far from impossible – task. The key is recognizing what strategies best suit your business needs and having the tools to implement them effectively and efficiently. If you’re a small business looking to take the leap, or a start-up wanting t ... Read More

  June 16, 2015