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Seven Bro7hers Brewery Gets Visibility Over Every Keg, Can and Bottle

Seven Bro7hers Brewery is a UK-based brewery run by seven brothers who all share a passion for beer. As avid home brewers, craft brewery runs in the family. But their passion turned into their business four years ago, over a pint of beer. The seven brothers realised the growth of craft beer and decided to […] ... Read More

  September 12, 2018     

Are your customers B2B-ready?

In setting up your B2B eCommerce store, you have to take care of the people that matter most – your customers! Are your customers ready to shop on your B2B eCommerce store? The B2B portal uses customer details from Unleashed so it’s important that your customer records are up to date within Unleashed. Before you […] ... Read More

  July 23, 2018     

Tackling Customer Satisfaction Measurements

There are a multitude of metrics to gain customer feedback and analyse customers opinions about their purchasing experience. For instance, there is the Customer Satisfaction score, the Net Promoter Score, the Customer Effort Score and the Net Emotional Value (NEV) score. These scores help you analyse customer loyalty and measure progress with your ... Read More

  January 15, 2018     

The Importance of a Lean Business Model

The term lean was coined to describe Toyota’s business model during the late 1980s. When it comes to a lean business the idea at its core is to maximise customer value while minimising waste. Lean means creating more value for customers with less resources. The ultimate goal in a lean business is to provide value […] ... Read More

  January 8, 2018     

Intricacies of B2B and B2C customers

You have probably heard of B2B and B2C marketing and perhaps have wondered what these nifty acronyms refer to. Basically, they describe the audience a business must market their product to. B2B refers to Business-to-Business and B2C refers to Business-to-Consumer. There are significant differences in the way in which products and services would app ... Read More

  October 18, 2017