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Topic: Covid-19

Kohu Road finds the software for sweet success

When you’re an SME ice cream maker that sells mostly wholesale, Covid lockdowns are tough. When you’re an SME ice cream maker without the right food manufacturing software – in some of the toughest trading conditions in years – then you need to make changes fast. “The impacts of Covid-19 on our business were massive,” […] ... Read More

  February 17, 2021     

Brexit and beyond: the one Unleashed feature you need to start using

By 1 Jan 2021, UK business must supply commercial invoices when exporting to the EU. To prepare for Brexit and beyond, we’re shedding some light on how your business can use the International Commerce Code feature in Unleashed to create customs-compliant commercial invoices. We’ve also curated some invaluable resources including Covid grants an ... Read More

  November 20, 2020     

Covid grants and loans: Phil Oakley on options for UK firms

We caught up with digital solutions provider Philip Oakley of Outserveweb about some of the grants and loans available to UK businesses navigating Covid business conditions. Hi Phil. So straight into it: What are the main funding sources you’ve been talking to your UK clients about? And what are they typically doing with the money? […] ... Read More

  September 24, 2020     

Vault City Brewing talk sour beer, brewery software & lockdown

Even as pubs start to reopen in the UK, and lockdown measures ease elsewhere, it seems the way in which people enjoy a beer may have changed permanently. A month after reopening, pub sales are still looking low with alcohol sales in supermarkets and online stores soaring by comparison. With the move to online orders […] ... Read More

  August 13, 2020     

New data: NZ manufacturers back at pre-Covid level + Aus booms

The latest data shows New Zealand’s manufacturers appearing to shrug off the ‘80% economy’, reaching pre-Covid levels of activity at the end of June. The average number of Purchase Orders, Sales Orders and product assemblies processed all reached or exceeded levels not seen since February this year, when disruptions were largely limited to co ... Read More

  July 3, 2020     

Beverage Sector Performance in 2020 – Unleashed Special Report

The beverage industry story has been particularly dramatic, with rapid expansion and growth in the last two years, followed by a turbulent ride through the recent pandemic. With shutdowns affecting retail outlets and hospitality venues in particular, some players have been hard hit – while others have benefited from spikes in consumer demand. In ... Read More

  May 26, 2020     

Why We Think The Just In Time Supply Chain Isn’t Broken

As governments and hospitals work to stamp out Covid-19, manufacturers are also struggling to manage the virus’ impact on their supply chains. Many are quick to blame just in time supply chains for their lack of components and raw materials. Is the lean system and the broader just in time supply chain system at fault, […] ... Read More

  May 11, 2020     

How to boost remote team morale in lockdown [ft. silly video]

Lights, tunnels: end of. Writing this in New Zealand, where the State-mandated lockdown has just dropped down a gear, a return to a form of normality could be just weeks away. Workers will return to offices, children will return to school, and sanity will settle once again upon working parents, like a softly falling snow… […] ... Read More

  April 30, 2020     

Tick These 3 Things Off Your Lockdown Marketing Campaign Checklist

Not sure where to start with your marketing? Samantha Crowe, PR director at Manchester-based Make it Be sets out her top tips for a winning formula. It can be daunting to get started on marketing at the best of times, especially if you have to completely change tack and speak to a different type of […] ... Read More

  April 28, 2020     

The Big B2B-B2C Pivot: How Your Stock Management Must Change

If you’re a B2B company and you’ve recently set up an online store to sell direct to consumers — or are even thinking about it — then good on you. There’s no denying there are still big challenges ahead though. As you’ve no doubt already realised you don’t just need to set up an online […] ... Read More

  April 23, 2020     

Legal questions for businesses during the Covid-19 crisis

The short-notice shutdown of non-essential businesses has left many owners and managers with unanswered legal questions. Given the enforced lockdown poses a greater risk to smaller businesses with cash flow challenges, smaller capital reserves and no legal team, we thought we would get some expert legal advice to help anyone in this position manage ... Read More

  April 22, 2020     

Building Recession-beating Supply Chain Resilience & Agility

Confronted with a pandemic, we’ve seen global supply chains struggle to cope with the consequences of isolation and work-from-home orders. The outbreak has completely changed buying behaviours and patterns. In many industries, demand has dropped off substantially or moved online. With recession looming in several economies we thought it timely to ... Read More

  April 21, 2020     

Why Inventory Revaluation Is Your Next Important Task

All product-based businesses need to track the value of their inventory – and this goes double in a period of dramatic upheaval. The value of your inventory has likely changed thanks to the Covid-19 crisis, and you should consider revaluing it before you make any major business decisions. To help you understand the importance of […] ... Read More

  April 17, 2020     

Manufacturing and Covid-19: 11 Major Reports Summarised

Track the impact of Covid-19 on manufacturing and wholesale businesses around the world. In this executive summary we provide excerpts from 11 major reports and articles, plus links for further information. Australia & New Zealand reports IBISWorld COVID-19 Economic Assessment Australia / NZ All industries April 9, 2020 Granular review of the C ... Read More

  April 15, 2020     

How to set up an online store for your business in one week

Alright, we get it: if one more person tells you to pivot your business, you’ll lose it. So, yes, we’ll do our best to make this article a pivot-free zone. However there is one important, er, rapid change in direction that we think any primarily B2B product business should consider in this new Covid-19 environment […] ... Read More

  April 9, 2020     

Unleashed Vlog 3: Gareth Berry on Covid-19 Recession Indicators

Unleashed Software CEO Gareth Berry and Content Manager Greg Roughan talk about the leading indicators of a Covid-19 recession, and how the outbreak is affecting economic behaviour in different countries.  Follow Unleashed Software on LinkedIn for more business advice and strategies to get through Covid-19   ... Read More

  April 9, 2020     

Business Intelligence: Your Ticket Out of a Crisis

Business data and analytics need to be one of your top priorities — especially in uncertain economic times. In this post on the role of business intelligence in decision-making during a crisis we’ll cover: Why businesses need BI Why BI is especially important during a crisis How you can make the most out of your […] ... Read More

  April 8, 2020     

Unleashed Vlog 2: Gareth Berry on Digital Transformation

Unleashed Software CEO Gareth Berry and Content Manager Greg Roughan talk about Digital Transformation in the context of Covid-19.  Follow Unleashed Software on LinkedIn for more business advice and strategies to get through Covid-19   ... Read More

  April 6, 2020     

Covid-19 Govt Support For Business By Country + How to Apply

This article was updated on May 5, 2020 to include: Australian cash for SMEs extra payments UK wage relief online applications now open New NZ Small Business Cashflow Loan Scheme and Regional Business Partner Network support launched US Employee Retention Tax Credit scheme now open; Airline grants and loans scheme details outlined; CARES Act fundin ... Read More

  April 6, 2020     

New site promotes artisan producers during lockdown

Press Release April 6, 2020 Unleashed Software has launched, a marketplace to help people discover hundreds of small artisan producers and independent manufacturers during lockdown. The Marketplace supports producers that predominantly sell directly to other companies, or through wholesale relationships to shops, catering and ... Read More

  April 6, 2020     

How Your Business Can Survive (And Even Thrive) in a Recession

Can we truly call what we’re experiencing under Covid-19 a recession? This coronavirus-induced downturn is unlike the 2008 recession, where the economy was active but the credit markets were frozen, as Vox’s editor-at-large Ezra Klein points out. It’s more like parts of the economy have simply stopped. That means many of us are facing a [&hel ... Read More

  April 2, 2020     

Unleashed Vlog: Gareth Berry on Black Swan Prep and Radical Transparency

Unleashed Software CEO Gareth Berry and Content Manager Greg Roughan talk preparing for Black Swan events, the benefits and risks of radical transparency in your company, and how manufacturers are pivoting in response to Covid-19.   Follow Unleashed Software on LinkedIn for more business advice and strategies to get through Covid-19   ... Read More

  March 30, 2020