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Topic: Covid-19

Unleashed Vlog: Gareth Berry on Black Swan Prep and Radical Transparency

Unleashed Software CEO Gareth Berry and Content Manager Greg Roughan talk preparing for Black Swan events, the benefits and risks of radical transparency in your company, and how manufacturers are pivoting in response to Covid-19. Join our LinkedIn Group, Business Helping Business, to share business advice and strategies to get through Covid-19 ... Read More

  March 30, 2020     

33 Cloud Apps That Help With Business As Usual During Covid-19

Despite the drama of Covid-19, at Unleashed Software we’ve experienced minimal disruption to doing business as usual. That’s in part thanks to our investment in a suite of cloud-based apps, which are deployed across all aspects of our business. For anyone currently considering which cloud-based solutions are best for business in the new environ ... Read More

  March 28, 2020     

6 Leadership Lessons From a Tsunami, Quakes and Covid [+Video]

Lisa Miles-Heal was the IT Director at House of Travel when the Boxing Day Tsunami struck. As the world reeled at the sheer scale of destruction she was tasked with using all of the company’s systems to find passengers — and keep travel agents with clients in the region up to date. In 2010 she […] ... Read More

  March 27, 2020     

Social Distancing and Making Sales: Tips for B2B companies

With quarantines, self-isolation and social distancing measures rolled out across the globe, we’re feeling the social and economic effects of the current pandemic. Here are three tips on how your B2B company can survive by doing business through the cloud. Tip 1: Let regular customers self-service During the Covid-19 outbreak your suppliers might ... Read More

  March 23, 2020     

Covid-19: A message from our CEO

I know as I write this today that a lot of you are hurting out there. Not only in business but in our communities – schools, sports teams and families – as we all do our best to work out where this thing is going. We speak with many of our clients every day, as […] ... Read More

  March 17, 2020     

Recommendations for Managing Supply Chain Risks and Challenges

Globalisation means that our supply chains are more entwined and complex than ever. When a global disruption like the ongoing Covid-19 virus outbreak happens, its impact will be felt on both social and economic levels. Disruptions in the supply chain The Covid-19 outbreak is having a major impact on global supply chains, especially as governments [ ... Read More

  March 4, 2020