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Topic: cost control

5 Essential Business Costs Not to Skimp On

If you are a startup owner or entrepreneur, it is no secret that you may be working within a tight budget. The ability to make pennies stretch is an important survival skill. However, some of the most common money-saving strategies could end up being more detrimental to your business in the long run. What may […] ... Read More

  April 3, 2018     

Shaving Your Costs While Maintaining Quality

Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) is the cost associated with the manufacture of your inventory stock, which incorporates both the raw materials cost and the labour costs. For the business to profit, the cost of production needs to decrease as the sale price increases. However, reducing production cost cannot come at the expense of quality. […] ... Read More

  March 10, 2018     

Cut Costs Without Cutting Corners

It is a well-known fact that start-up businesses usually tend to struggle with managing their finances, especially in the beginning. As an SME owner, it can be tempting to take shortcuts when cutting costs to free up your finances for other priorities. While it is often necessary to reduce expenditure as a start-up business, you […] ... Read More

  March 9, 2018     

Can You Cut These Business Costs for your SME?

Simple ways to identify which business costs to cut can be done just by looking around. Is your company ordering fresh flowers from a florist regularly? This is a cost you can simply eliminate, for example by providing a beautiful pot plant. What is the situation at break times? Is your company offering fresh coffee […] ... Read More

  February 20, 2018     

Strategically Cut Costs for Your Start-Up

Being an entrepreneur or starting your own small business can be a risky endeavour. The feelings of stability and security often felt when working for an established company, evaporate. Big budgets disappear and all of a sudden you are trying to start a business on a shoestring budget. However, in pursuit of dreams, it is […] ... Read More

  February 8, 2018     

Cutting the Fat: Streamlining Your SME

It seems 12 hour days, sleepless nights and no holidays are a rite of passage for a small business owner, however why should this despicable life be the status quo? It does not have to be, and with clever strategies to streamline the business, you can enjoy some beauty sleep again. Let us consider what […] ... Read More

  February 3, 2018     

How to Reduce Costs as a Small or Medium Sized Enterprise

Since sourcing adequate funding is often one of the biggest challenges faced by Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs), managers of such businesses should always be on the lookout for ways to reduce costs. In this article, we establish some easy methods for reducing costs as an SME, so that you can invest in other […] ... Read More

  October 6, 2017     

A Basic Guide to Streamlining your Inventory Management

Have you ever wondered if there must be a better way to controlling and managing your inventory? Inventory management is something that can be constantly improved to reach a more efficient outcome for the company, and streamlining the processes in inventory management are key to achieving efficient inventory control. 

... Read More

  February 17, 2016