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Topic: change planning

Implement Change Management with New Software

Change is inevitable but not always popular. When initiating any change within your organisation it is usually prudent to expect a certain level of resistance. The introduction of new systems and technology into your business is no different. How you manage the change is crucial to the success of the new system implementation. When you […] ... Read More

  July 14, 2017     

Change Management: The Key Step

Change can be a good thing. Hopefully it means your business is in the growth stage and you need to improve a certain aspect of the business, be it hardware, software, or general processes and policies. But as the old saying goes, change doesn’t happen overnight and as a result, change can bring about a […] ... Read More

  February 22, 2017     

Risk to Manage When Changing to SaaS

While moving to a service-oriented solution is generally very successful, change can be difficult for any business and a risk if not implemented well. ... Read More

  January 16, 2017