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Topic: carrying costs

The Challenges of Accurately Calculating Inventory Costs

Accurately calculating inventory costs can be problematic for many businesses. Regardless of the industry you operate in, inventory is often an organisations largest asset and accounts for a significant portion of the business expense account. Therefore, it is essential for companies to accurately assess factors affecting inventory management to he ... Read More

  September 22, 2017     

8 Key Factors that Influence Freight Costs

If your business involves inventory - whether you are a wholesaler, manufacturer or retailer - freight charges are one of the key costs of doing business. ... Read More

  April 28, 2017     

Addressing Inventory Carrying Costs

It’s time to address a subject that a lot of companies fail to notice or incorporate into their business planning - the costs of carrying inventory. ... Read More

  March 24, 2017     

Three reasons to understand your inventory carrying costs

Inventory carrying costs can make up a significant amount of your expenditure when buying and storing goods. Especially for new business owners, carrying costs can often be forgotten about with only the purchase price of goods looked at. However, to capture your business’ true return and profit all costs need to be recognized and accounted [&hell ... Read More

  February 19, 2017     

Overstocked? Don’t despair! Tips for dealing with excessive stock

Being overstocked is a situation to avoid, however sometimes this is just not possible. You need to handle it properly and turn it into a benefit. ... Read More

  January 24, 2017     

Is Your Excess Inventory an Opportunity?

Excess inventory is expensive to keep around; the longer you hold on to excess or stale stock, the more you lose to handling and storage costs, depreciation and shrinkage. Crucially, so long as your excess and stale stock has value, by holding on to it, you are tying up capital that could otherwise be invested elsewhere in your business. Whether yo ... Read More

  October 11, 2016