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Topic: business performance

Every Product Business Needs to Know About DIFOT

Every successful business manager knows the importance of tracking metrics and KPIs like sales, expenditure, cash flow and sales patterns. In the same way, business owners should be tracking the extent to which every order is fulfilled accurately and on time. Failing to do so can have dire consequences for customer satisfaction and the success [&he ... Read More

  September 5, 2019     

The Teetering Relationship Between Inventory Control and Profit

The control of inventory and the effect it has on a company’s profit is inextricable and should be duly noticed by anyone attempting to manage sales and inventory. What many companies fail to fully appreciate is that inventory and cash can often be thought of as one and the same. If too much cash is […] ... Read More

  April 30, 2019     

Stock Management Improvements For Better Performance

Stock management affects a company’s performance in many ways. Too little stock can lead to a reduction in sales and a loss of customers, and too much can drastically inhibit profit. It is therefore crucial that managers find an equilibrium between the two extremes. Stock management methods can greatly influence the productivity and profitability ... Read More

  August 17, 2017     

5 Inventory Management Strategies to Boost Results

Inventory is one of the key factors that can be managed to improve business performance. The strategies in which a company manages its inventory has major consequences to performance. There is a real need and a shift to more efficient inventory management and software can help achieve this. In particular, software that oversees inventory management ... Read More

  June 27, 2017     

Five important ways inventory management can improve business performance for manufacturers

For most manufacturing companies, inventory is depended on to operate and fill customer orders. In light of this, making an accurate assessment of inventory sometimes means the difference between a profit and a loss. Below we discuss five important ways inventory management can improve business performance for manufacturers. Helps with forward plan ... Read More

  June 16, 2017