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Topic: business management techniques

How to boost remote team morale in lockdown [ft. silly video]

Lights, tunnels: end of. Writing this in New Zealand, where the State-mandated lockdown has just dropped down a gear, a return to a form of normality could be just weeks away. Workers will return to offices, children will return to school, and sanity will settle once again upon working parents, like a softly falling snow… […] ... Read More

  April 30, 2020     

Managing Risk: Five Strategies to Strengthen Your Business’ Supply Chain

Supply chains make and break businesses. The best thought out marketing plans and the most efficient inventory management strategy are unable to compensate for stock simply not being there. Supply chain management, which is all about ensuring reliability and redundancy within the procurement process, is critical to business success. Let’s look at ... Read More

  May 17, 2017     

How does inventory accuracy help you make better business decisions?

Inventory management software's accuracy puts the power back in your hands, allowing you to make fully informed business decisions. ... Read More

  February 28, 2017     

Convert Your Excess Inventory into Useful Inventory

You will likely have heard about the pitfalls of excess inventory. People will warn you not to overstock due to the array of holding costs you have to pay on inventory – and rightly so. Warehouse rent, heating and ventilation, security, spoilage, and financing costs are just some of the costs you will want to […] ... Read More

  October 5, 2016     

Why You Should Stop Using Excel Spreadsheets

More and more businesses of every size and variety, are trading in the tools of old and embracing the best that technology has to offer. In the realm of inventory management, this can best be seen in the mass movement away from manual methods – like excel spreadsheets – to dedicated inventory management software solutions. […] ... Read More

  October 2, 2016     

Successfully Navigating a Product Recall with Inventory Management Software

While no business wants to find themselves in the middle of a product recall, it’s a reality that all businesses must plan for. Of course, prevention should always be the immediate goal, but if a recall is required, the worst case scenario is to be caught without a clear strategy in place. When it comes […] ... Read More

  September 30, 2016     

Managing Inventory Foreign Currency Risks for Small Businesses

The risk management landscape for inventory-centric businesses can sometimes seem like it’s fraught with an endless amount of problems and pitfalls. Restrictive product lifecycles, unpredictable demand and underperforming departments, among many others, all contribute to sizable management headaches. ... Read More

  September 27, 2016     

How inventory management software benefits wholesalers

Wholesalers are always looking for better ways to understand and control their supply chain. While many will have an accurate view of their stock-on-hand, others struggle to keep track of stock and their reordering levels. Over the course of any month, the need for frequent manual counts, stock level requests and guess work creates a […] ... Read More

  September 1, 2016