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Topic: business management

Weathering the Storm: How Inventory Software can help you Manage a Product Recall

Product recalls are commonplace and are to be expected in many mass-inventory industries such as in the automotive, pharmaceutical and food industries. The risks and consequences involved in navigating the recall process can be unnerving. A product safety issue usually triggers a recall, so there are significant financial, legal and reputation risk ... Read More

  February 14, 2020     

P2P Training: Learning Through Teaching

Peer-to-peer (P2P) learning in the workforce is an effective method of conducting in-house training and professional development. It encompasses any learning platform or opportunity that is run by staff for staff where knowledge is imparted. Companies often have a professional development budget and although it is sometimes easier when everyone is ... Read More

  May 17, 2018     

Workplace training – what’s in it for the company?

Workplace training is an important part of company work life which, as expensive as it may be, is a necessary means to a skilled workforce. These days, as hard as you might search for the perfect workforce in terms of skills, you will rarely be satisfied with what you find. Not because people are less […] ... Read More

  October 12, 2017     

What Makes a Great Business Plan?

A business plan is essentially a blueprint for your business, so it is essential to get right at the outset. Although the UK is one of the easiest places to start a business, many new businesses mistake the simple processes involved in starting a business (such as choosing a business name, registering with HMRC and […] ... Read More

  October 2, 2017     

Understanding Diminishing Returns

Diminishing returns is an economic principle that theorises about the relationships between an increase in the number of employees and a reduction in productivity. According to this principle, an increasing number of new employees causes the productivity of another employee to be smaller than the productivity of the previous employee at some point. ... Read More

  September 30, 2017     

Encourage teamwork in the workplace to enhance stock control

In any business, large or small, good teamwork is essential for morale, productivity and efficiency. In particular, working in a warehouse environment can prove challenging, involving many demanding and often painstaking jobs. In this article, we assess some primary ways to encourage good teamwork which can help make stock control and work life eas ... Read More

  September 28, 2017     

Successful Business Plans A Factor Affecting Inventory Management

The overarching principle for a successful business plan is ensuring that it is easy to read quickly. While, in the past, plans were much more complicated, nowadays the best plans are streamlined and easy to understand. In this article, we examine the best methods for compiling a successful business plan. Business plans are a factor […] ... Read More

  September 14, 2017     

3 Factors of Pricing and Customer Perceptions

Settling on a pricing strategy is a key decision that small businesses have to make. The decision is an important one as the prices you set affect your sales, revenue, cashflow and business performance. Pricing also has a direct bearing on customer satisfaction, a crucially important consideration for a growing business. So, how do your […] ... Read More

  August 8, 2017     

Five Measures to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Cost in Your Business

There are several cost-reducing measures that your business can adopt today to increase your business’ bottom line and improve productivity. The important cost-reducing measures at the forefront of business operations that can directly impact your business’ costs are negotiating new contracts, taking advantage of opportunities by looking at alt ... Read More

  July 18, 2017     

Why Accurate Costing is Vital for Success

Inaccurate information about your company’s expenditure can greatly inhibit your capacity to make and maintain a successful business. Accurate costing information enables managers to measure profit, so that they can make the best decisions for the company’s future. Below, we summarize precisely why accurate costing is so crucial to the success ... Read More

  June 14, 2017     

The Many Variables Affecting Freight Charges

There are a range of factors that can influence the cost of freight transportation. Some of these factors can cause an increase in the cost of shipping rates, which can have a negative affect on your business. Below, we summarize the factors that may influence freight charges, from decreased freight volumes to international affairs and […] ... Read More

  June 13, 2017     

Stocktake day – 10 points to consider

An accurate stocktake is an essential part of inventory management as it provides a reference point for assessing other inventory components. ... Read More

  April 19, 2017     

A Closer Look at Inventory and Warehouse Management

Inventory management and warehouse management sound very similar and are commonly confused or used interchangeably. Here's the differences. ... Read More

  March 6, 2017