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Topic: barcoding

Applying the Barcode to Inventory Management

In order to apply barcodes to inventory management, it is important to understand the basics of the barcode system. There are two main components involved with using a barcode, which include barcoding hardware and barcoding software. With a basic understanding of these concepts, we will look at its application to inventory and how it can […] ... Read More

  December 14, 2017     

Successfully Implementing Barcodes

Barcoding systems offer efficiency and accuracy, particularly regarding issues of inventory management and control, such as stock taking procedures. However, implementing these systems is not always straight forward, especially where a company is used to manual processes and physically recording inventory information. Below, we examine the best way ... Read More

  October 11, 2017     

Barcodes Simplify Stock Management for Food Manufacturers

The market for processed foods has undergone a significant transformation in the past decade, with a decisive shift towards premium, health-focussed products. This trend is particularly evident in the snack products space, where producers have experimented with innovative ingredients and have responded to customer demand for organic, natural and et ... Read More

  September 19, 2017     

Stock Control To Maximise Your Small Business

For a small business, every cost counts. Small businesses will look for ways to save costs through different ways. One way small businesses think they are saving costs is by managing inventory manually. A familiar mindset is that “In the past it was done manually, and if we do it ourselves it will save money.” […] ... Read More

  September 13, 2017     

A Distributor’s Guide To Inventory Stock Control

We understand that barcoding is about pictorially displaying information with other key data points linked to it. This is the basis of barcoding and though simplistic in its concept, it can be a very powerful tool for the distribution industry. However, a barcode is nothing on its own and must be incorporated with a good […] ... Read More

  September 5, 2017     

Barcode Scanning to Track Every Moving Part

Small businesses sometimes struggle with inventory control but, unfortunately, many of these businesses consider that they do not have the time or capital to spare to implement a solution. In reality, an effective stock control system is likely to save both time and money. An automated or semi-automated inventory management system that combines bar ... Read More

  August 25, 2017     

A Short History of Barcoding

Today, barcoding is a staple of inventory management and life. Virtually every consumer product is barcoded with EAN or UPC codes, our mail is often labeled with barcodes and even advertisements often now contain ‘2D’ barcodes pointing us to a merchant’s website or promotion. Without barcodes, the task of controlling large inventories would b ... Read More

  August 23, 2017     

Beyond Barcoding

The buzz is all about barcoding and how it can benefit companies the world over in optimising their internal processes to save time and money. However, barcodes are not the end of the story when it comes to inventory management and product tracking. Let’s explore some of the alternatives to traditional barcodes. Product tracking in […] ... Read More

  August 18, 2017     

Doing Barcodes The Right Way

The modern era of business management is exciting and fast-paced. To ensure your business remains a contender in the global arena, the adoption of technology and automation is paramount. A revolutionary aspect to technology and automation was the development of the barcode, which pictorially displays data relating to the item, be it price, location ... Read More

  August 15, 2017     

Barcoding Tools For Inventory Efficiency

Barcoding is the new way of doing inventory management, and it is no surprise that companies who make the switch rave about it to no end. There are so many bonuses to barcoding including saving time, money, reducing wasted resources and removing the painful feeling of having an out-of-control warehouse that desperately needs a systems […] ... Read More

  August 12, 2017     

How does barcoding benefit inventory management?

Barcoding has become a popular and efficient way of controlling inventory throughout the manufacturing process and is widely used in many industries. There are several benefits available to your company, which we shall explore in detail in this article. Minimising error The first and most prominent benefit to barcoding is the intrinsic accuracy ass ... Read More

  August 3, 2017     

The Importance of Barcode Software in Inventory Management

Manually controlling inventory can be time-consuming and error-prone. Even smaller businesses can run in to trouble if all processes are conducted manually. Barcode software can be a hugely beneficial tool for inventory management. This software eliminates the risk of inventory control mishaps which can occur when relying solely on manual processes ... Read More

  August 2, 2017     

How to Use Barcodes For Inventory Management

An effective inventory management system involves understanding how to maximize the use of barcodes, from receiving inbound materials to shipping finished goods. Barcodes are simple to set up, and the ROI is significant; barcodes speed up data entry, improve the accuracy of your inventory records and enable real-time inventory management. To get th ... Read More

  July 6, 2017     

Getting Started with Inventory Barcoding

Barcodes are easy to implement, and they have the potential to take a lot of pain out of the inventory management process. Not only do barcodes speed up data entry, they also increase the accuracy of your inventory records and make real-time inventory control possible. Here’s how to set up barcoding for inventory management. Generating […] ... Read More

  May 30, 2017