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How Product Labelling Can Help Manufacturers Increase Efficiency and Accuracy

Product labelling can be a complex process. Manufacturers today are faced with a range of evolving requirements that complicate this process and leave many businesses merely accepting this process as the cost of doing business. But it certainly doesn’t need to be. Product labelling can make a huge difference if properly implemented, increasing ef ... Read More

  August 22, 2019     

Product Labels and Barcode Labels can Benefit Manufacturers

While everyday consumers give little thought to the simple barcode label affixed to their purchases, businesses involved in moving inventory stock and assets understand their importance and are increasingly investing in custom barcode labels for their organisations. Barcode labels are extremely common and can be found on most products in a retail o ... Read More

  August 10, 2019     

The Secret to an Online Retailer’s Success Lies in Great Inventory Management

For online retailers, inventory management can be a real challenge, especially as a business grows. Business owners and inventory managers must ensure the stock levels recorded online correspond to the actual physical stock levels in the warehouse; stock discrepancies can have far-reaching consequences. Inventory management for online retailers can ... Read More

  April 22, 2019     

5 Ways to Improve Inventory Accuracy When You’re Overwhelmed With Stock

Optimum inventory management relies on accurate data so that inventory orders can be balanced with sales. By data, we mean the numbers and categories of stored and sold product, expiration dates and storage locations so that there is always just enough product ordered in to satisfy consumer demand and sales. Improving accuracy around inventory data ... Read More

  April 8, 2019     

Inventory Control Techniques that Help Save You Time

The success of your business centres on the ability to effectively manage your inventory stock and to do it in a way that is both timely and efficient. Time is a limited resource in any organisation and inefficiencies in its management can have a negative impact on your operating processes and your ability to deliver […] ... Read More

  April 2, 2019     

How to Tackle the On-demand World of Inventory Management

It’s fast-paced, it’s busy, it’s all things go, all the time. Inventory management is an around the clock operation and the pace isn’t slowing down. The way we shop has rapidly changed. This means the way we manage inventory has rapidly adapted as well. Just think about the most basic transaction of going into a […] ... Read More

  February 28, 2019     

5 Best Practice Inventory Control Techniques for Warehouse Management

Good inventory control techniques for warehouse management start with an organised and well-maintained site. Managers should regularly inspect warehouse operations, ensuring that stock is stored in a way that allows staff to easily and safely access it. Below are some best practice inventory control techniques to help improve your operations and en ... Read More

  February 9, 2019     

It’s Time to Make Inventory Management Improvement Your Top Business New Year’s Resolution for 2020

Pat yourself on the back — you’ve made it through Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas! Keep in mind though, there are still January sales to manage and many things can still go wrong for business owners during this period, especially with tracking and inventory management. There’s no time like the present to get your […] ... Read More

  January 16, 2019     

Inventory Management for Multiple Warehouses: The challenges companies face

The warehouse is the heart of inventory management where all goods receipted in, handed to production and shipped out must be in perfect synchronisation, no stream accumulating more than the others. This is not an easy task and requires a lot of attention to detail and dedication, and it becomes even more difficult where multiple […] ... Read More

  November 30, 2018     

Time for Better Inventory Management Software

Having sound inventory management processes is crucial to any company dealing with inventory stock and can directly impact the company’s bottom line. No one solution will satisfy every company’s needs; this holds true for your own company. As your company grows and expands, so should your inventory management system in order to streamline proce ... Read More

  May 17, 2018     

3 Signs It’s Time to Rethink Your Stock Control

Managing inventory well will look different for every company; lean companies have less inventory, risk averse businesses have more. Every business keeps track of their inventory slightly differently. As your business grows, you’ll need to think critically about how effectively you’re keeping track of this important facet of your business. But ... Read More

  May 5, 2018     

A Successful Stock Take: Six Mistakes to Avoid

Stock taking is a crucial event on any business’ calendar – it’s that time of year, quarter or even month for businesses to reconcile the actual stock in the warehouse against the stock on the books. Your stock take will look different depending on the type and size of business you run. That said, there […] ... Read More

  January 15, 2018     

Applying the Barcode to Inventory Management

In order to apply barcodes to inventory management, it is important to understand the basics of the barcode system. There are two main components involved with using a barcode, which include barcoding hardware and barcoding software. With a basic understanding of these concepts, we will look at its application to inventory and how it can […] ... Read More

  December 14, 2017     

What Barcoding Means for Distribution

Barcoding technology has revolutionised inventory control and has played an important role in streamlining the distribution industry. From receipt to dispatch, distributors will often process hundreds, if not thousands of stock keeping units per day. Hand-held mobile devices improve picking accuracy by 99.9 percent and efficiency by up to 15 percen ... Read More

  December 12, 2017     

The Ins and Outs of Barcoding

Barcoding software and hardware are essential tools for accurate stock taking in business. These tools give you easy access to a centralised record of information pertaining to your company’s stock, including pricing, availability, stock levels and product tracking. In general, barcoding systems are essential for running a successful business, co ... Read More

  November 25, 2017     

Barcodes: How to decode them

In June 1974, a packet of Wrigley’s chewing gum was the first item to be scanned with a barcode in a shop. Since then, barcodes have become extremely prevalent. A barcode or universal product code provides a platform to enter numerical data into a computer very quickly. You can see them on products you buy […] ... Read More

  October 28, 2017     

Barcodes Simplify Stock Management for Food Manufacturers

The market for processed foods has undergone a significant transformation in the past decade, with a decisive shift towards premium, health-focussed products. This trend is particularly evident in the snack products space, where producers have experimented with innovative ingredients and have responded to customer demand for organic, natural and et ... Read More

  September 19, 2017     

Stock Control To Maximise Your Small Business

For a small business, every cost counts. Small businesses will look for ways to save costs through different ways. One way small businesses think they are saving costs is by managing inventory manually. A familiar mindset is that “In the past it was done manually, and if we do it ourselves it will save money.” […] ... Read More

  September 13, 2017     

Barcoding 101: The Different Types of Barcodes

Barcodes are a useful tool to improve inventory management in any business. In particular, barcodes increase data reliability, speed up data entry and allow you to easily implement real time inventory control. A barcode is essentially an image that represents data, and although the concept behind barcodes is simple, it pays to understand the variet ... Read More

  September 6, 2017     

A Distributor’s Guide To Inventory Stock Control

We understand that barcoding is about pictorially displaying information with other key data points linked to it. This is the basis of barcoding and though simplistic in its concept, it can be a very powerful tool for the distribution industry. However, a barcode is nothing on its own and must be incorporated with a good […] ... Read More

  September 5, 2017     

Barcode Scanning to Track Every Moving Part

Small businesses sometimes struggle with inventory control but, unfortunately, many of these businesses consider that they do not have the time or capital to spare to implement a solution. In reality, an effective stock control system is likely to save both time and money. An automated or semi-automated inventory management system that combines bar ... Read More

  August 25, 2017     

A Short History of Barcoding

Today, barcoding is a staple of inventory management and life. Virtually every consumer product is barcoded with EAN or UPC codes, our mail is often labeled with barcodes and even advertisements often now contain ‘2D’ barcodes pointing us to a merchant’s website or promotion. Without barcodes, the task of controlling large inventories would b ... Read More

  August 23, 2017