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Topic: B2C

Top 3 Things Multichannel Retailers Need to Consider Before the Holiday Rush

The holiday season is an exciting time for retailers, with shoppers swarming in ready to spend on gifts; B2B retailers can also experience a surge in demand. Retailers simply cannot rely on an increase in demand to produce sales and profit. A lot of planning goes into having a successful and efficient holiday season in […] ... Read More

  November 27, 2019     

4 Key Differences Between B2B and B2C Supply Chains You Need to Know

Business relationships for the sale of goods and services can be split up into two broad categories: business to business (B2B), and business to consumer (B2C). B2B products and services are sold from one business to another business, and in B2C, the products are sold from a business to the end user. As a result, […] ... Read More

  May 7, 2019     

The Difference Between a B2B and B2C Supply Chain

Supply chains are a fundamental part of how businesses operate; they are key players in getting a product to another user. However, the user can be very different when it comes to doing business. The two most common transactions are business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) when it comes to selling goods and services. In B2C, [&hell ... Read More

  April 24, 2019     

Managing Multichannel Orders

eCommerce has turned the world of order management upside down. Emerging eCommerce trends have reshaped the way consumers interact on their purchasing journey and how businesses respond to this new way of shopping. A multichannel business has the challenging task of managing inventory stock from a variety of online channels and offline platforms. A ... Read More

  April 18, 2019     

Identifying the Key Differences Between a B2B and B2C Supply Chain

There are two broad categories of business relationships for facilitating the sale of goods and services. B2B is the business to business category and B2C the business to consumer category. In B2B, transactions take place between one business and another business, whereas with B2C the transactions happen between the business and the consumer. B2C b ... Read More

  April 15, 2019     

3 Smart Tactics For Achieving Multichannel Retail Success

Consumers today shop across multiple channels switching between online and offline, to research and buy products they want, when they want them. As a result, retailers are now implementing multichannel selling strategies to keep abreast of customer expectations. However, it is important not to confuse omnichannel with multichannel because the two s ... Read More

  April 5, 2019     

Encouraging Your B2B Customers to Engage with eCommerce Stores

Customer engagement with eCommerce platforms when it comes to retailers has proliferated massively over the past few years. Business-to-Consumer companies (B2C) have been quick to adopt eCommerce stores, and retail customers have shown that they enjoy the convenience offered by buying online. However, Business-to-Business (B2B) customers have been ... Read More

  March 25, 2019     

The Distinction between B2B and B2C Order Fulfilment

A rapidly changing market demographic is driving growth in an ever-expanding digital economy, with more business buying decisions now taking place online. The experience of the B2C shopper now sets the standard for B2B eCommerce and represents a major strategic opportunity for businesses selling to other business. Therefore, it is necessary to look ... Read More

  November 27, 2018     

5 Things Your Customers Are Looking For With BOPIS

Online shopping has changed the customer’s shopping experience and set new standards for customer satisfaction. Delivery methods have rapidly developed to keep up with demand. Warehousing options and logistics operations have adapted to cope with online orders. However, buy-online-pick-up-in-store (BOPIS), has provided an alternative way to get p ... Read More

  November 19, 2018     

B2C vs B2B: Understanding the Difference with Order Fulfilment

Business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) order fulfilment describe the two different eCommerce models that dominate the online retail sector. eCommerce began with the age of B2C but with more and more B2B retailers hopping onboard the bandwagon, it is essential to understand the variations in the customer relationship, order fulfil ... Read More

  November 10, 2018     

Order Fulfilment Differences in B2B and B2C

Order fulfilment is a critical part of both B2B and B2C environments; both markets play important roles in the global economy. Each model has a slightly different order fulfilment method. Their approaches to logistics, operations and end-customers vary, as well as the regulations they are subject to in the business world. B2B order fulfilment In [& ... Read More

  November 1, 2018     

The Strengths and Pitfalls of Fulfilment by Amazon

Amazon provides a service, Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), where they act as your warehouse – they help you store your product, pick it, pack it and send it on its way. The service removes much of the headache of storing and inventory while giving small, fledgling businesses the opportunity to reach a larger market with […] ... Read More

  August 6, 2018     

4 eCommerce Hacks for Small to Medium Enterprises

The continuous upward trend in eCommerce has made it increasingly attractive to start an online business; selling online has many advantages. Although eCommerce can be desirable there is a lot more competition. Giants like Amazon have set the bar for shipping and customer service extremely high, it may feel impossible to envision how a SME [&hellip ... Read More

  August 3, 2018     

Improving Workflows Throughout Your B2C eCommerce Enterprise

Optimal workflow is an essential part of any business as it means the least amount of time and resources are wasted, the more dollar savings and increased return on investment for any product. However, with a complex network of tasks and departments involved in retail, it can be very difficult to coordinate everyone for the […] ... Read More

  August 2, 2018     

Understanding Amazon’s FBA Business Model

Amazon is an eCommerce giant; the scope of their business continues to grow rapidly. Their business practices are constantly evolving and keeping them at the forefront of eCommerce competition. Essentially, they operate with under the philosophy of, ‘if you sell it, then we will ship it.’ Their shipping or fulfilment method has become extremely ... Read More

  July 24, 2018     

B2B and B2C Buyers: What Separates Them?

B2B and B2C eCommerce retailers both operate in the online arena where they can be reached and reach their chosen customers through search engines, targeted copy and advertisements. B2B refers to purchasing transactions between businesses, whereas B2C denotes the transactions occurring between businesses and consumers. There are some clear differen ... Read More

  July 20, 2018     

Managing your Channels: Multi vs Omni-channels

It is a common misconception that omni-channel and multi-channel are the same thing and simply denote multiple ways in which customers can interact with a company or retailer. However, they are in fact very different and their points of difference should be understood to better the customer experience. Multi-channel Multi-channel refers to multiple ... Read More

  July 17, 2018     

Do you need multiple channels for your eCommerce business?

Consumers and businesses alike are turning to the internet to research their products before buying. Online purchases have become a fundamental part of business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) industries. So, we’ve established that an online presence is imperative, but is one channel enough? As an online retailer, it’s importan ... Read More

  July 16, 2018     

Getting Started with eCommerce

Every business is unique, with different needs for their eCommerce strategy. Some businesses focus on business-to-business (B2B) sales, others focus on business-to-consumer (B2C) sales that can be conducted through brick-and-mortar stores or online. When B2C companies look to enter the eCommerce world, it can be an intimidating step. Online shoppin ... Read More

  July 14, 2018     

How to Integrate Unleashed and Shopify

Unleashed’s integration with Shopify is the most efficient way to control and manage inventory for all your Shopify stores. Our integration creates an eCommerce platform that enables you to connect all your Shopify stores to your Unleashed account so you can manage your inventory workflows from a single platform in real time. Here’s how to [&he ... Read More

  July 13, 2018     

Understanding the Difference Between B2B and B2C

The eCommerce industry is growing rapidly, leading us into a realm of digital transactions for both consumers and businesses alike. Business-to-consumer transactions, otherwise known as B2C, is the common term used when goods or services are sold directly to the consumer. Conversely, business-to-business transactions, or B2B, is the interaction bet ... Read More

  July 9, 2018     

B2B Retailers versus B2C Retailers: What’s the Difference?

You may have come across two terms which are often confused – Business-to-Business (B2B) retail and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) retail. In this article, we outline the key features of each model so that you know the differences between the two. The Basics The B2C model is possibly the business model most widely understood by the general [&hell ... Read More

  July 7, 2018