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Topic: accurate stock counts

Stocktaking vs Cycle Counting: Understanding the Differences

Any business, large or small, must perform some sort of count of their inventory at some point in time. There are two commonly accepted methods of counting inventory stock: stocktaking or cycle counting. The method that will best suit a particular company needs to be carefully considered as they are drastically different and can have […] ... Read More

  April 12, 2018     

Conducting a Successful Stocktake

A stocktake is a record of the inventory a business has on hand, which is commonly done at the end of the year. However, some businesses may perform stocktakes more regularly. An accurate stocktake is essential for making informed business decisions relating to inventory management and control. A successful stocktake gives you valuable insight into ... Read More

  July 1, 2017     

Stocktake day – 10 points to consider

An accurate stocktake is an essential part of inventory management as it provides a reference point for assessing other inventory components. ... Read More

  April 19, 2017     

Taking stock of your inventory: 10 tips

Stocktaking is an important process that allows businesses to reconcile physical stock on hand against their records. Whether your business is a large operation running a barcode system or a small family enterprise that keeps paper records, it is important to complete a stocktake at least annually before the end of the financial year (although som ... Read More

  October 17, 2016