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Unleashed recognised by Xero for providing excellent business support

With Unleashed soon to celebrate its tenth anniversary in business, we’re proud to be recognised by Xero this week for our work helping businesses bridge the gap during Covid lockdowns. The majority of Unleashed customers also use Xero, making Unleashed+Xero one of the most potent cloud app combinations for manufactures, wholesalers and retai ... Read More

  July 7, 2020     

App Advisory is the Next Strategic Move for Accountants

As an accountant, clients need your support now more than ever. How you support them has changed over the years and will continue to evolve. The role of accountants used to involve a lot of manual, tedious tasks that clients would outsource for help getting it done. However, with cloud technology, these traditional tasks are […] ... Read More

  April 1, 2020     

3 Technology Trends Transforming Accounting

The role of an accountant has been continuously changing over the course of the last 50 years, and the next few years will see three key technologies impact the accounting industry immensely. Currently, accounting is in a transition period due to the growing popularity of cloud-based accounting, which has left a mark and changed even […] ... Read More

  June 29, 2019     

Tech Trends Shaping the Accounting Industry

The world of accounting has had a face-lift thanks to some cutting edge technology. Accounting software is more user-friendly than ever with real-time information and cloud accessibility. It’s shifting the way businesses do business and how accountants do their accounting jobs. Cloud-based technology has become somewhat of a norm in big and small ... Read More

  May 31, 2019     

Xero Roadshow Australia’s App Hot Seat

Xero Roadshow App Hot Seat event To kick off Xero Roadshow Australia this year, Xero is hosting an App Hot Seat event the night before. This will give you a chance to network with top app partners like Unleashed! If you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane, come along to our presentation — we can help […] ... Read More

  January 30, 2019     

The Effects of Using the Weighted Average Cost Method

The weighted average cost method is an accounting approach to inventory valuation, it is used to determine the cost of goods sold (COGS) and the ending inventory stock. Weighted average accounting assumes that all units are valued at a weighted average cost per unit, and it applies this calculated average to the COGS in addition […] ... Read More

  December 18, 2018     

The Weighted Average Cost Method of Inventory Valuation

The weighted average cost method in accounting is one of three approaches of valuing your businesses inventory stock and determines the average cost of all inventory items based on the individual costs and the quantity of each item held in stock. Businesses use the weighted average to determine the amount that goes into the inventory […] ... Read More

  December 17, 2018     

The Best of Both Worlds: Integrating Inventory Management Software and Accounting Software

Inventory management software has become an indispensable tool for many successful business owners who recognise the importance of accurate inventory management. Likewise, accounting software is invaluable for even small businesses, providing key data on business performance. Even for new business owners, it doesn’t take long to recognise the imp ... Read More

  November 14, 2018     

4 Benefits of Cloud-Based Software for Accountants

Cloud-based software allows its users to access data and software online, from anywhere, at any time and on any device. This means that accounting activities can be handled even while you are on the move. The benefits of cloud computing are endless. They are cheaper and less complicated than traditional systems and software upgrades are […] ... Read More

  November 12, 2018     

London Xerocon, We’re Coming for You!

This year, London is hosting Xerocon – the world’s innovative conference for cloud accounting leaders. Take this opportunity to explore the latest tech that could help accountants create efficiencies, mingle with many accountants across the United Kingdom, find out what’s on the horizon of accounting and bookkeeping and more! Keep an eye ... Read More

  November 7, 2018     

Cloud Software: What Does It Mean for Accountants?

The evolution of technology has changed the way companies do business and for accounting purposes, it has challenged how the cost of accounting is reported. Without the need to buy licences and purchase or lease IT infrastructure, businesses have no upfront investment, no asset and no depreciation. Therefore, cloud software is fundamentally a diffe ... Read More

  November 6, 2018     

What Does the Future Look Like for Accountants on the Cloud?

Ten years ago, the accounting industry looked very different but new technology is evolving. Cloud-based software is becoming more prevalent everywhere you look; accountants have had to adapt their mode of operation. These changes to the industry will create so many opportunities for accountants. Yet, there will also be notable challenges to face w ... Read More

  November 5, 2018     

How Does Cloud-based Software Impact Accountants

Cloud-based technology is becoming the norm in big and small businesses. Cloud-based technology opens new opportunities for how businesses operate. Some would argue it is changing the fundamentals of how businesses actually do business. The advantages are endless – it can give a business more efficient systems, it can streamline processes and ... Read More

  November 5, 2018     

Integrated Inventory Management Software and Accounting Software for Successful Business Growth

More than ever, competitive businesses are acknowledging the importance of adequate inventory control practices and appropriate management software, but the integration of accounting software with that of inventory management offers many advantages for better holistic business management. Combining forces in this way offers visibility and optimisat ... Read More

  November 1, 2018     

Don’t Let Inventory Discrepancies Affect Your Accounting

A reliable stock taking procedure allows businesses to know its inventory count and value, not only informing decision-makers and driving operations but also ensuring accurate information is available to accountants, auditors and financial controllers who prepare annual reports, balance sheets and essential statements of earnings. Identifying discr ... Read More

  October 13, 2018     

The Perks of Combining Accounting and Inventory Management Software

There are an array of software applications and capabilities available to us that were not even available a year ago, making investing in new technology and software a bit daunting. What happens if your state of the art online inventory management software becomes outdated? Sometimes companies try to mitigate this by adding more technology on [&hel ... Read More

  June 8, 2018     

The UK Team at Accountex London

The Unleashed UK team had a great time at Accountex London this year and we hope you did too! Did you catch us at our booth? Accountex is the UK’s largest accounting and finance exhibition and conference, giving decision makers the opportunity to discover new products, attend keynotes from industry leaders, and network with the […] ... Read More

  May 30, 2018     

Encouraging Your Accountants to Move to Cloud-Based Software

Accountants are essential to the smooth running of your finances, especially as your business begins to grow. Accountants manage and review your finances so that you can focus on other important aspects of your business. Getting accountants to adopt cloud-based software rather than traditional desktop-based software will make these processes even e ... Read More

  May 29, 2018     

Experience Business Success with Xero and Unleashed

Small businesses that embrace the cloud have a wide variety of cloud-based apps to choose from. Cloud-based apps can even seamlessly integrate to make business process work effortlessly together. Unleashed has had a great partnership with Xero since the start, and today, we’re Xero’s App Partner of the Month. We have many users integrating both ... Read More

  May 28, 2018     

Integrating for Efficiency: Why You Should Integrate Your Accounting Platform

Finding a balance between adequate accounting data and accurately managing inventory is a constant issue in many growing businesses. With the increased pressure for quick turnarounds and product delivery, inventory management is becoming increasingly important in building a company. However, many smaller businesses still use legacy inventory manage ... Read More

  May 23, 2018     

How Can Accountants Make The Most Out Of Blockchains?

Blockchain technology is changing how the accounting industry operates and how accountants will continue to perform within the business environment. It is therefore necessary that accountants understand exactly what blockchain is, and what it means to the accounting profession. In simple terms, blockchain is an accounting technology concerned with ... Read More

  April 23, 2018     

Accountants – Here’s All You Need to Know About Cloud Software

The term ‘cloud’ broadly refers to a platform that makes information accessible online from anywhere, at any time. Cloud-computing allows us to retrieve data via software that is accessible from any device with an active internet connection. In other words, wherever there is the internet there is the cloud. The advantages of using cloud-based s ... Read More

  April 23, 2018