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Topic: abc categorisation

Using ABC Analysis to Make Your Inventory Work For You

Whether you’re a manufacturer, a retailer or a trader, it’s important to keep on top of your inventory. Everything in your inventory has value – you’ve invested time and resources and money into each and every item, and you’ve done that because each and every item is worth something to someone else. If you aren’t […] ... Read More

  December 13, 2018     

As Easy As ABC: Categorising and Managing Inventory

ABC analysis is an inventory management principle which stands for Always Better Control. It is based on the Pareto principle (20% of a commodity accounts for 80% of the net result) and can be very useful for management of a company’s inventory. In this article, we consider what ABC analysis is exactly and how it […] ... Read More

  December 6, 2018     

Is ABC Analysis Affecting Your Inventory Stock?

The ABC analysis is an inventory categorisation technique. It can be put to use for a wide range of inventory items, such as manufactured products, components, spare parts, finished goods, unfinished goods or sub-assemblies. The ABC analysis suggests that inventories of an organisation are not of equal value. Thus, the inventory is grouped into thr ... Read More

  December 29, 2017     

Learning the ABCs of Inventory Management

Inventory management is of the utmost importance to any company as unhealthy inventory stock levels can quickly spell disaster regarding the ability to supply and the bottom line. Gaining inventory control can be difficult at the best of times, however there are some tried and true methods which can make the road to inventory control […] ... Read More

  December 25, 2017     

ABC Analysis: Focusing on the Critical Few

In most stock-based businesses, the Pareto Principle, often known as the 80-20 rule, holds true for most aspects of inventory management. Roughly 80% of the value of a business’ inventory is usually tied up in about 20% of its product lines. This implies that managing the top 20% of a business’ inventory is critically important. […] ... Read More

  December 15, 2017     

What Are The Common Inventory Methodology?

With inventory management there really isn’t a one-size fits all methodology. It is important to tailor your approach to suit your business’ specific needs. ... Read More

  January 17, 2017