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We love being involved with companies that are growing quickly, contributing to their success. Coogan London use Unleashed for their shoe shop inventory management – they’ve only launched their e-commerce operation a couple of years ago but have since then experienced tremendous growth.

Men, if you are based in the UK – make sure you check out Coogan’s range of shoes. They look great and are guaranteed unique!

What does your business do?

We’re an online shoe shop, specializing in men’s leather shoes. Currently selling within the UK only but are looking to international markets as well.

What’s one of your favorite products?

Our best-selling shoe – the Camden – epitomizes our brand. It’s a traditional men’s brogue but with the twist of being available in a variety of colored soles and uppers.

shoe shop

The typical dapper Coogan London customer loves his classic footwear but also wants something a bit different, without breaking the bank.

Why do you think your customers like this product so much?

These are traditional shoes with a contemporary twist, made from genuine leather and at an amazing price – and you can only buy them direct from us and nowhere else.

Can you give us a brief history of your shop and the growth it has experienced so far?

A family-owned business, footwear and leather is in our blood. We’ve put our many years of experience together to create a unique business. We design our own shoes, get them made up and sell direct to the consumer, cutting out all the middlemen. Most other retailers buy wholesale shoes, which are the same as everywhere else. We started the online shop in 2012 and are seeing 100-200% growth year-on-year.

How is Unleashed helping your business grow?

We needed a rock solid platform that could be trusted to keep our inventory data safely accessible. We must have evaluated over a dozen cloud-based inventory management services and chose Unleashed because it was stable and handled the various aspects and nuances of inventory management, which many others tend to skim over. It’s given us the ability to handle both manufacturing inventory and retail inventory, including costings and multi-warehouse transfers, in a reliable way. We currently maintain inventory data in a number of locations – such as in our online shop, at our warehouse or at the shoemakers – and Unleashed is the reliable bedrock for this.

What is a particular problem that Unleashed has solved?

Unlike other shoe shops, we not only buy shoes, but also the raw leather, soles, laces and other components that go into the shoe. We can manage this entire inventory within one system, convert raw to finished, move stock from location to location and assign costs to the stock so that we have immediate, reliable, decision-making data available to hand.

Is there an interesting customer story you could share with our readers?

We’ve been trying to launch this amazing grey colored shoe – but the shoemakers are really struggling with the color. The last batch came out greenish. We knew many customers were waiting for it so we announced to our customers that they might have to wait a bit longer – but that we had this greenish batch if they were interested. The entire batch sold out within 24 hours. Funnily enough, some of the shoes weren’t that badly green anyway and we even had a complaint from a customer who said that he received a “perfect pair of brogues” – and we had to apologize for his perfect shoes.

Is there something you are particularly excited for your business right now?

We’re ALWAYS excited. We love our shoes and we have wonderful customers that appreciate them. The next exciting new shoe is always round the corner.

Is there something your business in particularly proud of?

We’ve been part of our government’s Growth Accelerator program – which is something that’s really hard to get on to. It’s for fast growing businesses and provides training and financial support to help us grow. We were also nominated for their annual awards in the ‘best growth’ and ‘best use of social media for marketing’ categories.

Are there any particular not-for-profit causes that you, or your business is passionate about, and why?

In addition to volunteering with local charities we also sponsor The Big Match – an annual charity football event that helps The Brain Tumour Charity and Action For Children.

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