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Luke Norman first started Picture Hanging Systems in 2005 from underneath his house. Based in Brisbane, Picture Hanging Systems sells picture hanging systems to tradesmen, galleries, shop fitters and end users. Their picture hanging system allows users to install the system and change pictures around without drilling holes into the wall. In 2008, they moved to their first warehouse where they started to build all their stock.

Managing stock and assemblies

Prior to using Unleashed, they were using a clunky accounting software to reconcile their stock. They would have to conduct quarterly stock takes, key them into an Excel spreadsheet and then import it to their accounting software. It comes as no surprise that it was never accurate. When they decided to change their accounting package, they used that opportunity to implement an inventory management software too.

Because they have overseas suppliers, they wanted an inventory software that kept up with currency fluctuations, managed their subassemblies and allowed them to know exactly what they had on hand in real-time. Unleashed gave them real-time business information, “we know exactly what each item of our 240 SKUs cost,” says Luke. With that, they have a better understanding of their inventory in order to make better business decisions.

Reliable reports to manage stock

Unleashed was their first choice because it allowed them to manage their subassemblies automatically with a Bill of Materials.”We find that Unleashed enhances the whole business process,” says Luke. Picture Hanging Systems uses it as part of an integrated system to help with their purchasing, receipting goods, and exporting their data to an accounting software. Unleashed allows them to easily generate reports to let them know what stock they have got on hand, what is in reserve and what needs to be ordered.

As a cloud-based inventory management system, Luke and his integrated team can access Unleashed from anywhere. “Some of our employees work from home so they can log in and place the order from wherever they are,” explains Luke. This is essential to Picture Hanging Systems, who work nationwide across Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.

“We’ve used Unleashed for such a long time, I don’t know we’d do without it.”

With Unleashed, Picture Hanging Systems was able to keep decrease the number of backorders down by 70% over the past five years. This is largely due to their business process integrations with Unleashed. Knowing the value of their stock on hand, allowing them to balance holding excess stock and managing their reserve stock.

In the past five years, Picture Hanging Systems has a better understanding of their stock through reliable reporting and real-time inventory management. Without having to worry about his inventory, Luke can now spend quality time with his family.

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