November 1, 2016      3 min read

A product recall situation is something all businesses hope to never find themselves in, however unfortunately it happens from time to time to the best of companies. For example, Samsung phones are going up in flames all over the world at the moment, and managing a situation like that is made all the more easier if it is possible to track every phone sent out. This helps with recall, or at the very least, opens a communication line so that public safety can be prioritized and the company’s reputation can go from ‘stellar’ to ‘dignified’ by the way negative situations are handled. On this note, it is always the best policy to maintain complete honesty and act appropriately in the best interests of the public when handling product faults.

Track and trace raw materials

Often, the reason for a faulty product is faulty parts of which there could be thousands, if not millions located at different points in the manufacturing chain or over different sites. Inventory management software allows for accurate tracing of even the smallest of parts if they are indeed faulty in order to prevent their use in the product. This could be done manually, however the process becomes a lot easier and more efficient with the help of inventory software. This is particularly true if the company operates over many sites with supplies from all sites originating from the same place. Inventory software also allows for the electronic ‘marking’ or ‘tagging’ of these faulty parts for investigation or destruction and thereby prevents their use in any other product.

Track and trace shipped product for recall

As soon as issues with shipped or distributed product become apparent, the consumers must be informed (in the name of best practice) to ensure public safety is maintained. This becomes an impossible task if there is no record of which products have been shipped and bought or consumed in which countries. Inventory management software allows this process to happen relatively easily as it is possible to track item numbers of products and ascertain where they have been shipped to and bought from. Consumers can then be quickly contacted to warn them of the faulty products and subsequent danger to themselves and their families.

Fallout if processes are not followed

Inventory management software such as Unleashed, is designed to make control of the product in all its various forms, a lot easier and more streamlined. It has a vital part to play in a product recall when stress is high, jobs are in jeopardy and the task of actually recalling product that has been distributed just seems too daunting. The software is there to aid management in carrying out the dreaded task of ‘going public’ and admitting error followed by identifying where the product is and reclaiming it. It is imperative these processes are followed, as failure to do so is pure negligence and can result in serious harm to the public as well as irreparable damage to the company’s reputation.

Subsequent investigation and prevention

Inventory software could aid the process of investigation of a product recall and prevention of it happening again. It is inevitable to climb the paperwork mountain after a faulty product is identified, however this task is made all the more manageable with the ability to identify all raw materials in the product, where they originated from, their expiry dates and any other known issues. Once a clear picture is drawn of why the faults happened in the first place, the company is in the best position to respond to customer concerns and prevent future recalls from happening.

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