Does Personalising Your B2B eCommerce Store Really Drive Sales?

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As consumers in this data-driven world, we now expect personalised shopping experiences that are tailored to our needs. Similarly, B2B buyers increasingly expect similar online shopping experiences to what they experience in B2C digital commerce — they expect round-the-clock availability and a personalised approach.
Companies who have fully invested in all types of personalisation will outsell by 20% companies that haven’t.
Offering a customised user experience on your B2B eCommerce store is the key to fostering better customer relationships, encouraging sales and facilitating more frequent orders. Let’s explore three main benefits of customised B2B user experience:

Encourage repeat purchases

The key to encouraging repeat custom is to make the re-ordering process as frictionless as possible. It’s the little things like allowing customers to view their order history and reorder stock with a few clicks. Savvy B2B businesses can take it one step further and encourage their customers to place automatically recurring orders, otherwise known as standing orders. This automatically renews their orders at a set frequency, which customers can manage.
Cutting down the steps buyers need to go through to make a purchase means that they are more likely to repurchase from you.

Increase purchasing volume

Understanding your buyers better will allow you to cater your offerings and prices to encourage them to purchase more. The two ways to increase purchasing volume is to customise the prices to suit different groups of buyers, or to offer volume discounts to encourage larger transactions.
Make sure your B2B eCommerce store is aligned to your digital commerce strategy. The Unleashed B2B eCommerce store allows users to customise their homepage with a carousel banner, popular products and featured categories — tailor your store to what your customers want.

Unleashed B2B eCommerce custom homepage

Build stronger customer relationships

A frictionless transaction experience will encourage your customers to repeatedly buy from you. For example, if they can order a large quantity and get a quantity discount, easily reorder products, or track their order without having to call your sales team, the more likely they are to purchase from you repeatedly.
Aside from a fuss-free experience, transparency is also key to building a strong relationship. Have all your important information such as terms and conditions, or shipping details easily visible.

Unleashed B2B eCommerce content page

Personalisation and customisation have helped many B2B eCommerce achieve better customer experience, resulting in higher engagement and revenues. Tailoring your strategy to suit your customers will keep them coming back to you.

Check out all the great ways the Unleashed B2B eCommerce Store can help your business build stronger relationships with your B2B customers.

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