May 1, 2018      3 min read

We recently had the chance to catchup with Guy Earnshaw, a Senior Solutions Consultant from our Implementation Partner BlueHub.

Tell us about BlueHub! How did BlueHub’s journey begin?

BlueHub has been helping SMEs with their business software for over 15 years. We’re experts in Inventory and Project Management Add-ons for cloud accounting software like Xero and Quickbooks – and we’ve been working with top accounting firms to guide their clients as they move away from conventional accounting systems for several years.

BlueHub brings a holistic client-focused software implementation service, integrating Unleashed with broader business systems and providing personalised, hands-on training to help the business adapt to the new software.

Is there a specific market that BlueHub works with?

BlueHub specialises in Inventory management software for businesses with multiple sales channels – working closely with Wholesale and E-commerce businesses from a vast, varied and interesting array of sectors including Gardening, Children’s Clothing, Bespoke Artisanal Furniture and even Adult Toys.

How did you first hear about Unleashed?

BlueHub has been working in the Cloud Accounting Ecosystem for over 4 years and Unleashed has remained the industry leader through that time and was one of the first SaaS products reviewed by BlueHub. The development team continues to release incredible updates and new features and this is the reason why we continue to work closely together.

Why do you think inventory management is crucial to businesses?

For many of BlueHub’s clients, inventory management software is not just important but is essential to manage the day-to-day operations. Without this, it would be impossible to manage order processing, customer relationships, procurement and other key functions of product sellers and makers.

Can you share with us what inventory challenges your customers are facing?

BlueHub’s clients are most often moving from legacy business systems (including but not limited to; Sage, Quickbooks Desktop, Spreadsheets and Bespoke Software) to cloud accounting and cloud apps. While the cloud accounting systems (Xero and Quickbooks Online) are fantastic accounting apps the inventory functions are limited, this is where Unleashed comes in, assisting with: Price Tiers, Order Processing, Bill of Materials, Assembly/Disassembly, Procurement, Reporting and other key operational functions like Partial receipt/shipments and Sales channel integrations.

How does Unleashed benefit your customers?

Unleashed provides our SME clients with enterprise-level inventory management functions: complex products (Bill of Materials, assemblies, variants etc.), flexible order processing, direct integration with accounts and sales channels, procurement (min/max stock levels, stock/purchase reporting) and advanced reporting that provides detailed practical insights into sales, purchasing and stock management.

How have your customers grown with Unleashed?

Simply, Unleashed reduce the amount of time required to process orders and manage the menial admin processes, giving the businesses more capacity to deal with the important stuff like client relationships, business development and marketing.

What’s BlueHub working on for the future?

BlueHub’s core mission is to help more small and medium businesses move to the cloud and operate more efficiently each year and this continues to be the focus. Alongside this, BlueHub work closely with the UK accounting industry, from the top-5 firms to 1-partner practices, to adapt their services, internal skills and client services to world of Cloud Accounting.

What do you think about how Unleashed integrates with other cloud-based software?

Unleashed’s integrations are one of the strongest features of the system with reliable and well thought out workflows. The complexity of an implementation can largely be determined by the existing systems and processes within the clients business. For newer businesses, the move to Unleashed can be simple, but established companies have more legacy processes and systems and often require assistance from an implementation partner like BlueHub.

Why would you recommend Unleashed?

Unleashed is one of BlueHub’s core inventory apps for SMEs due to the constantly expanding features, incredible support, well thought out integrations and focus on improve the lives of business owners through software and improved reporting capabilities.

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