August 8, 2019    < 1 min read

A great pricing strategy is one of the tenets of a successful business. Setting the right price is no easy feat — setting it too low might attract interest, but it can fail to offset your costs. At the same time, setting higher prices might risk you pushing potential customers away. A pricing strategy, such as customer discount pricing, can help you optimise the way you price your products.

Unleashed has recently released some great upgrades to the dynamic pricing feature to ensure you’re setting a price that both delights your customers and covers your production costs. Here are two new enhancements:

Show customer discount

When you give your customers’ discounts, you now have the option in Unleashed to show the discount on the Sales Order so both parties have greater transparency over pricing.

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Flexible pricing with the Sell Price Tier

We’ve added more flexibility to help with your pricing strategy. You can now base discounts on your customers’ Sell Price Tiers.

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