New features released: 4 Decimal Places for Pricing and more!

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4DP for Pricing

4 Decimal Place (4DP) Pricing is going to make a big difference to your business if you manage inventory in high quantities but at low values. Up until now, Unleashed customers have needed to employ stock adjustments or time-consuming workarounds to ensure stock with values of more than 2 decimal places reconciles with what they are being charged and balances with their accounting software. One of our customers, Chris Chan from ikeGPS, gave us an example of how this was affecting day-to-day business operations.

“We had this problem last week with receipt of 50k of screws where the unit price was less than a 10th of a cent. As suggested by someone on the Unleashed forum, it would be good to have the purchase unit price to be 4 decimal places to cope with these very low price items.

In order to correct our stock on hand (in both Unleashed & Xero) we needed to receipt the goods of a value of 0.01 per unit and then perform a nil-Quantity stock adjustment to correct the value of the goods downwards. This wouldn’t have been so much a drama for a single line order, but we had multiple line items (and additional costs specific to one line) and had to perform mad maths to ensure correct amount was adjusted.”

We’re excited to have released this feature to make it easier for customers like Chris to manage their inventory more efficiently, and have already received positive feedback, including this comment below.

“That is excellent news. I have done a quick test and it seems to work perfectly, thank you. Will let you know if we find anything but I am certain that this will make our lives a lot easier.”

Now anyone using Unleashed can simply add products to their inventory at the exact price, without any need for stock adjustments or complicated workarounds.

Integration Store

We have also released an updated integration store which is more user-friendly with a consistent, streamlined layout. In the same way you would visit your Apple or Google Play App store, you can now find out all the information you need to know about different integrations from the Integration Store in Unleashed. This can be accessed via your Settings tab, and selecting “Integration Store”.

This new layout will not affect existing integrations with Xero, we just took the opportunity to move the Xero integration app into a more logical location. We have also updated our user interface so you are able to run a setup wizard right from when you open Unleashed.

Import Sales Quotes

You now have the ability to import Sales Quotes into Unleashed, importing sales quotes quickly, simply, and in bulk into your account. This feature provides an additional way of capturing Sales Quotes within Unleashed, other than creating them manually, and ensures you have more flexibility for how you process sales.

Send Completed Purchase Orders to Unleashed’s API

For the more technically-inclined, you can now send completed purchase orders to our API, which will then create the transaction automatically in Unleashed, and update your accounting software, if connected. Instead of taking multiple steps to send Purchase Orders to our API, you now only need one – simply complete your Purchase Order, and your order information will be sent to our API.

More information

For more information on any of these features or how to implement them, please refer to our release notes.

Or if you would like to start using Unleashed to make the most of these and many other powerful features, sign up here and one of our friendly Account Managers will be in touch to discuss whether Unleashed is the right solution for your business.

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