Maximising Cloud Inventory Management For Your Brewery

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A good cloud inventory management solution helps you manage brewery inventory in a single centralised system in order to get accurate reports and help you make the right decisions and at the right time. From the brewing process, batch tracking, recipe assembly to real time inventory management – there are numerous benefits for breweries to implement inventory management software. Simplifying manual processes through accurate and automated systems creates efficiency and directly enhances your brewery’s bottom line.

Brewing process management

Reduce costs and minimise waste with powerful inventory management using a cloud inventory management system. Cloud inventory management helps you get a complete cost breakdown for all ingredients to understand the true cost of each beer. Craft your finest recipes using cloud inventory software and enjoy simple monitoring of raw materials throughout the brewing process.

Batch tracking

Get a snapshot or detailed analysis of grain to glass performance for each and every batch. Cloud inventory software enables you to track your ingredients, bottles, kegs and barrels as batches. So that you can have peace of mind, inventory management software enables you to keep a close eye on the expiry date of your raw ingredients and to stay ahead of regulatory compliance requirements.

Recipe Assembly

Cloud inventory software for breweries ensures your ingredients are carefully managed to assemble the perfect recipe. This is done by specifying the precise quantities to create your unique brew in a Bill of Materials. Furthermore, unlock the potential of your brew assembly by using a cloud inventory system to gain maximum visibility on margins on a per bottle and per barrel basis.

Real-time Analytics

One of the most interesting aspects about cloud based inventory systems is that your brewery can instantly track the actual cost of brewing at any stage of the process- at any time and anywhere. Most importantly, you can get real-time financial information so you can manage your cash flow accurately and easily, freeing up wasted capital to be better spent elsewhere in the business.

With perpetual inventory, you can always keep track of up to date stock levels via an inventory system dashboard. Enjoy the benefit of up-to-the-minute stock numbers and sales margins, making it easier to plan and report.

Cloud inventory management for your brewery

Good cloud inventory systems will instantly update and be compatible with the likes of accounting software such as QuickBooks Online or Xero, allowing you to integrate financial and non-financial performance analysis.

With cloud inventory software, you can track inventory from raw materials right through to finished goods. Inventory management makes it easy to see ingredient stock levels and to know when it is time to reorder supplies.

More importantly, inventory management software enables you to get the right analytical data to see how much your beer is actually costing you, to control your variables and to fully assess your profitability. Know exactly how many bottles of beers are going to be made with the amount of raw materials on hand. With cloud inventory software, you can manage your key ingredients and materials in line with best practice, therefore maximising the value of every brew.

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