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If your business is looking for high-end water strainers suitable for use in agriculture, mining, food and beverage, petrochemical and for general industrial application, look no further. Arctic Steel make the highest quality water strainers for commercial and military use – as well as high end pleasure boats. Unleashed accelerates Arctic Steel’s marine manufacturing with better inventory management. Let’s go!

What does your marine manufacturing business do?

Arctic Steel designs and manufactures very high quality cast stainless steel water strainers. These are used in boats with inboard engines – they filter the seawater that is sucked into the engine cooling system. They’re designed to prevent debris from seawater, like seaweed, jellyfish, plastic bags from entering and blocking the cooling system. If an engine (which could be worth many thousands of dollars) has its cooling system blocked it will overheat and destroy the engine.

Our primary industry is the marine industry, however we are beginning to venture into other industries because the high quality of our cast stainless steel means that we can strain particles from any liquid. So our strainers are suitable for use in agriculture, mining, food and beverage, petrochemical and industrial applications.

At present our primary market is the commercial, military and high-end pleasure boat market. In this segment buying decisions are based on quality, strength, performance and reliability. Our strainers meet these criteria every time. In fact there is no other manufacturer in the world who makes a strainer with the same quality and features as our range.

What’s one of your favorite products?

Our range of water strainers is divided into two styles:

Firstly, the direct hull mounted, bottom inlet, side outlet (BISO) model. These are usually mounted to a valve that is attached to the inside of the vessel’s hull. A hose or pipe is attached to the side outlet and connects to the engine saltwater cooling pump. Strainers are sold according to the inlet/outlet size – our BISO range extends from 1” to 6”.

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And secondly, the remote mounted, side inlet, side outlet (SISO) model. These are base mounted units, which allow more flexibility in locating them. The SISO range extends from 1.25” to 4”.

Why do you think your customers like this product range so much?

Customers like our marine manufacturing products because they are very strong, easy to use, they filter efficiently and the fact that they have a long life. This is very important in a boat because boats operate in a highly corrosive environment. Engine failure in a boat can be catastrophic so it is essential that the equipment is reliable and functional.

Our slogan is ‘Strength, Reliability, Performance‘. One extra feature with our strainers is that they look exceptional. Our stainless steel is electro-polished, which helps with corrosion resistance, but also gives the strainers a beautiful shine. So the quality yacht builders like the bling factor our strainers deliver.

Can you give us a brief history of your business and the growth it has experienced so far?

We purchased a marine manufacturing business five years ago that designed and manufactured many different stainless steel components for boats. Everything from anchors, hinges, catches and water strainers. We noticed that the previous owners were trying to manufacture and sell a bit of everything and felt that we could do well if we focused on a smaller product range. So we sold off the other stock and changed the business name to Arctic Steel, created a new logo and concentrated on our water strainer range. We improved the design of our strainers and changed the type of stainless steel we use to a higher grade. Our plan was to do one thing very well. So we set out to be the best in the world.

It has been hard work growing a business over the last five years, but our investment in R&D and the expansion of our product range has resulted in growth each year. We have built our brand and are developing a reputation for manufacturing a very high quality product.

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How is Unleashed helping your marine manufacturing business grow?

We moved over from MYOB to Unleashed’s inventory management solution a couple of years ago because we needed a product that managed inventory well. We also wanted a cloud-based system that wasn’t too expensive, and one that allows us access no matter where we are in the world.

We are a small company and Unleashed gives us the ability to be flexible in where we work. We also liked the feature that allowed it to ‘bolt’ into Xero for our accounting. We have a saying: ‘Let’s work smarter, not harder‘.

Is there an interesting customer story you could share with our readers?

Whilst this probably doesn’t count as a customer story, but we do a few trade shows in Australia and overseas. One day we had an idea that we could probably make something out of all the components we sell. So after a few days we came up with our little robot man named ‘Steely Dan’ who comes along to our trade shows… he’s a real hit, especially with the kids.

Is there something your business particularly proud of?

We have been awarded the small business export award by the Australian Marine Industry Export Group for two years in a row – 2014 and 2015.

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