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Are you looking for the ultimate luxury coffee cup? Deviehl have quite possibly created the perfect cup. And what’s more, their entire inventory range of luxury products are managed with Unleashed! Read on for the full story.

What does your business do?

We hand craft exquisite coffee cups. Our products combine beauty, technology and unconventional materials to create the “perfect coffee cup”. Our cups are the ultimate luxury for the discerning coffee drinker.

Each cups has up to 25 separate components. The inner form is optimized, using computational fluid dynamics, to maximize crema formation as well as aroma diffusion. Unconventional materials include carbon fiber, exotic woods, hydrophobic leathers, semi-precious stone as well as one of a kind hand painted models. Our products retail at luxury retailers internationally, such as Harrods.

What’s one of your favorite products?

Our Mundo Novo 3K is our personal favorite. It’s a 7cl espresso cup. The cup housing and base are hand made from carbon fiber, which is clear lacquered and highly polished. The cup inner is silver-coated porcelain.

The simplicity of the design contrasting the natural carbon fiber-weaved with the silver is an aesthetic masterpiece! It’s highly tactile and you just want to pick it up and caress it! Sipping an espresso from it is sheer bliss.


Why do you think your customers like this product so much?

Hopefully for the same reasons! It’s beautiful and our unique cups really enhance the coffee drinking experience. Our customers also appreciate the craftsmanship and technology that goes into making our cups.

Can you give us a brief history of your business and the growth it has experienced so far?

My partner Andreas and I were studying at London Business School. Andreas’ background is in product innovation, and mine is in the luxury watch industry. Both of us our passionate coffee drinkers. We were sipping our coffees, having a chat. It dawned on us that coffee has become a luxury – yet coffee cups are invariably bland and not conducive to really appreciating the coffee.

We set out on a 2 year journey to create what we believe is the perfect coffee cup. This involved a huge amount of research and engineering as well as extensive travel, searching out the best craftsmen.  Our leather cups, for example are covered, using a technique known as gainerie, by a specialist in France. Stone is hand turned in Italy; exotic woods are lacquered in Germany.

Along the way, we took part in an “Innovation in Luxury” competition, co-sponsored by Walpole British Luxury, Harrods, The Financial Times and London Business School. We were introduced to Michale Ward, the CEO of Harrods, who loved what we were doing. Harrods proved a valuable sounding board as we developed the product and brought it to market.

We launched at Harrods 2 years ago, with considerable success. Since then we have been expanding distribution both domestically and internationally, with leading luxury stores as well as niche clients such as specialists in the luxury yacht and Jet markets.

How is Unleashed helping your business grow?

There are several areas where we feel we’ve really benefitted from Unleashed.

Our cups have many components, some shared, many unique to each reference. Because of the nature of the product, we have many different suppliers. The inventory management system, component control facilities, bills of materials, assemblies and such are invaluable for us. We are able to manage working capital effectively, ensure efficient stocking of components and have necessary information available for us to make reliable decisions quickly.

The fact that it’s a web-hosted solution and its integration with Xero is also ideal for us. All of us travel extensively. We’re able to operate everywhere and anywhere without any hassles of managing a complex IT infrastructure.

Finally, our customer base is truly global. We ship and invoice all over the world. The multi-currency facilities integrated within Unleashed make invoicing and accounting simple and straightforward.

All in all, we have the benefit of a sophisticated stock management system similar to that used by much larger enterprises for a fraction of the cost.

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