Looking Ahead: Upcoming Trends in Order Fulfilment

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Perfecting the process of order fulfilment is extremely important when it comes to customer satisfaction. In this article, we examine a few key trends in order fulfilment to help you determine the best approaches to the task for your business in the future months.

Preparing for rising shipping costs

Shipping costs continue to rise, and more businesses are having to consider new ways of remaining productive while avoiding excessive spending. Rates are continuing to increase, so business owners need to look for ways to essentially shrink package sizes without sacrificing parcel condition or consumer satisfaction.

The best way to manage rising shipping costs is to provide manufacturers, retailers, and consumers with incentives to shave inches off orders with dimensional weight pricing models. This will help business owners to make the most of every truckload and avoid excessive speeding.

Personalised shopping experience

In recent times, more businesses are recognising that consumers respond to personalised shopping experiences. It is increasingly common for customers to spend a significant amount of time comparing prices, delivery dates, shipping costs, and discount codes between competitors.

Many businesses are responding by taking note of each individual shoppers’ personal preferences – which means everything from their delivery preferences, the likelihood that they will make returns, and even the type of packaging that can be recycled in their neighbourhood and what cannot.

Business owners should take note of this trend and ensure they are personalising the shopping experience for individual consumers as much as possible. Using their purchase history, ensure you are tailoring their experience to account for everything from the packaging of their purchases to the entire at-home delivery experience in general. This will ensure maximum customer satisfaction and may contribute to long-term customer retention.

Adoption of automated processes

As labour pressures increase and businesses find themselves lacking in the area of a skilled labour force, businesses might start staff with technology. Smart, scalable automation and systems that model, prompt and correct the everyday tasks of human packers will provide a reliable substitute for hiring and training a line of new employees.

Taking note of this trend will enable you to proactively seek out the appropriate software as demand increases to help you stay ahead and avoid mishaps. Adopting automated processes wherever possible will help reduce the risk of human error, improving the efficiency and productivity of your order fulfilment processes.

Better tracking systems

As our world becomes increasingly digitised and connected, consumers expect faster and more accurate information on their parcels. Today, customers are already able to receive updates when packages reach certain checkpoints. In future, tracking parcels will become even more accurate and specific. Soon enough customers will be able to see where a package is during the entire shipping process, including the exact road and delivery truck in real-time. This means that business owners need to ensure their supply chain is running smoothly at all times in order to ensure the customer has the ultimate order fulfilment experience.

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