Inventory Software Download: Is SaaS Superior?

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Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is fast gaining traction as the go-to solution for businesses looking to capitalize on enhanced efficiency while limiting the costs more traditional models entail. Fast, safe and easy to implement and use – cloud-based SaaS is definitely worth considering if your business is in the market for a software solution that boasts performance at an affordable price point.

With traditional inventory software installations, the user is required to purchase the server to be installed on premise. The software is then installed, configured and run off the local network and IT infrastructure – usually incurring a hefty investment of working capital up front and along the way as technicians are called in to conduct maintenance and upgrades.

For small and medium sized businesses, the high cost of license of traditional software solutions poses a formidable barrier to acquisition. While they do stand to gain a return on their investment over time, the strain on their cash flow – particularly in the start-up phase – can be too high to justify. This immediately puts the business at a competitive disadvantage if their competitors do operate more powerful online software solutions.

This brings us to the first benefit of selecting Software-as-a-Service:

SaaS is cost-effective

Most businesses prefer to direct their working capital to where it will bring in the highest return of investment in the shortest possible time. This is what makes the markedly lower price point of smaller monthly subscription fees that cloud-based solutions such as Unleashed offer more advantageous than traditional software models.

Automated integration and scalability

A second advantage SaaS holds over competing inventory software models is the level of automation, integration and scalability it affords users. Unleashed is constantly developing and evolving new and enhanced ways to better integrate and complement existing applications – such as accounting software packages. Cloud software is always technologically driven, and our developers are constantly striving to keep functionality up to date with the latest products, services and technologies.

Businesses who opt to operate a cloud based Software-as-a-Service management solution should never have to worry about their system falling behind or being rendered obsolete as the wave of technological advancement surges on without them.

Furthermore, as the demands on the infrastructure of the business grow in size and complexity, cloud-based SaaS will allow for seamless scalability of the business right alongside. The business will not face the prospect of outgrowing its software requirement capacity.

Storage and security

On-premises inventory software systems put the data of the business at very real risk of loss as a result of property theft, corruption or destruction. If an electrical fire breaks out, for example, and the computers and servers are destroyed, then all the business data is destroyed too.

If a business is using a cloud-based inventory management SaaS solution its data will still be accessible on any mobile device capable of connecting to the Internet. A potentially crippling disaster like loss of all business data during a fire is nothing more than a temporary inconvenience to cloud based businesses.

Increased collaboration

Cloud-based SaaS solutions also enable users to collaborate on projects together. This means, for example, that all the process managers in an inventory-reliant business – from purchasing through to warehousing, distribution and sales – can share information, documents, suggestions and workflows seamlessly. This opens the lines of communication and fosters data-driven co-operation between departments that would otherwise be operating in relative isolation from one another. Overall, the effect on the business as a whole is increased efficiency, operating speed and effectiveness at meeting customer service targets.

Immediate implementation

Software-as-a-Service does not require the time-consuming installation and implementation of the traditional on-site server based model. Businesses are in effect simply signing up to use pre-existing and operational infrastructure where access is attainable on any Internet compatible device – smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop computer.

The user can provision the provider for a particular application and within a matter of minutes to hours can expect to be using it. This offers a significant advantage over a competitor running a server-based solution that needs to integrate their existing software with an application newly introduced to market.

Running Software-as-a-Service is transforming the business landscape across all industries – from engineering and healthcare to retail, manufacturing and food and beverage. Both small and large businesses are harnessing the flexibility; power and cost effectiveness SaaS solutions afford their users. As a result, productivity, efficiency and most importantly profitability are now, more than ever, within the control of business owners.

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Article by Melanie Chan in collaboration with our team of Unleashed Software inventory and business specialists. Melanie has been writing about inventory management for the past three years. When not writing about inventory management, you can find her eating her way through Auckland.

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