February 2, 2017      2 min read

If you are in the mobile phone industry, you know that it is important to keep track of the International Mobile Equipment Identity or Electronic Serial Number (IMEI/ESN) of all mobile phones you are selling. If you want to sell mobile phones or refurbished mobile devices it is important to keep track of these. The key is to know where the good come from, and to whom it has been sold to.

Some countries like UK, Australia or New Zealand made IMEI tracking compulsory to fight fraud and lost or stolen mobile phones. Retailers and wholesalers must have the right tool to keep track of such information so consumers can securely buy a new or second-hand phone, and check if it has been reported lost or stolen prior to purchasing the phone.

Keeping accurate records and quickly accessing that information is key for a business. This is where Unleashed Software can help you to keep track of the all your mobile phone IMEI. The serial number tracking feature allow you to:

  • Record when the mobile is entered in stock (IMEI) with the serial number feature
  • Record all actions in the system, such as transfing to another warehouse or stock adjusting for a number of reasons
  • Record the sale, where it has gone, to whom and when
  • Consolidate reports to display all of these information in one place.

If you are in the mobile phone industry and are struggling to find software that does this without costing a fortune, give Unleashed Software a try. Plus, you can easily integrate Unleashed with other software to make your business more successful.

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