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The weather isn’t the only thing changing with the seasons. As different seasons roll around, consumers buying habits shift. They might need new clothes for the season ahead or different products to help them cope with the shift in weather. It might be time for summer camp or the holidays might be sneaking up on them. Regardless of the reason, businesses can leverage seasonality to help them with their sales.

Here are some tips on how to benefit from seasonality and make the most of these shifts throughout the year.

Pre-season marketing

Get consumers excited about the upcoming season. When rainy spring weather is getting people down, get them excited about the imminent summer days. Place summer advertising out early and bring people into your stores and attract them to your online shops before the season even begins. By getting your products out there before other companies, people might turn to your company first for their seasonal needs.

Take advantage of slower periods

There are busier periods depending on the season and what products you sell. It’s unlikely that you will be busy all day, every season. If you are like most businesses, you will have quieter times. These quiet times or lulls are a great opportunity to do tasks you cannot achieve during the busy period. For instance, you can work on developing business plans and put more time into your long-term strategic growth plan. Slow times also allow you to catch up on your stock take and improve warehouse organisation.

Cater your services to the season

It is important to be agile and creative as a business. Don’t let the service you offer become redundant with the season. Even if you own a pool cleaning company, don’t let the end of summer mean the end of business. If you have dedicated staff and provide a good service, then you can still leverage this reputation. You just need to expand what you offer and use the same talented people to deliver new services. Perhaps you can expand to lawn care and home care. For example, leaves need to be raked and the outside of windows need to be cleaned. Be creative and use the season to your advantage.

Update your online presence accordingly

If you want to stay active and current, update your website to reflect the seasonal changes. Create sales campaigns for the changes in weather and even public holidays. When people have time off work, it is a good idea to bring them into the store or direct them to your online shop. Having relevant seasonal images can help set the scene and get customers excited about your newest products.

Getting rid of excess inventory

The end of the season may leave you with a stock room full of excess inventory. It’s hard to sell ski jackets when the snow has melted. However, this stock take can lead to important information. It can help you plan better for next year and can indicate what goods were popular. Moreover, you can sell these items at reduced prices online and in the store to get rid of excess inventory.

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