Growing Pains for Businesses

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Every business has to start somewhere. No matter what type of innovation or industry a business is trying to pave a path in, it is likely that they will face many challenges to get momentum for their business. The entrepreneurial spirit is very commendable and there are an infinite amount of obstacles to get a business off the ground. However, once the initial stages are over, many businesses stay stagnant. Businesses fail to grow for a variety of reasons and it’s important to highlight some of the reoccurring themes so you can identify these in your own business.


The right technology can be a pivotal point for businesses. Without the right tools to keep up with competition and the busy nature of your own business, the business will fail to grow. Rather, the business will just tread water in antiquated processes and never move forward with more efficient operations. One example of this is with a business’ inventory. Using an Excel document to keep track of inventory can be messy and it is not very efficient. With an online inventory management system, a business can adapt to their growth with ease. If a business doesn’t have an online inventory management solution, then when orders grow and new products come in, it will become harder and harder to manage with the current system. However, an online inventory management system can make warehouses processes smooth, simplify re-ordering and keep an up-to-date stock take of the warehouse. This streamlines processes and welcomes growth.


Staff members look to leaders to make decisions and guide the business. Even if a business has a sensational product to offer the market, poor leadership can truly hinder growth. Leadership is in charge of financial decisions and management choices, along with guiding the business in the right direction. Without leadership skills or proper mentoring, a leader may halt the potential of a business.


One of the biggest factors that can stop companies from growing is a lack of funds. Without sufficient investment into the company, a lack of capital can hinder several key growth initiatives. For example, a company may need to rent a bigger warehouse for increased inventory or they may want to hire more employees to gain traction for new research and development. Sometimes you need extra capital to get the word out about your product and factoring in a marketing and advertising budget without the extra capital can be difficult. The need for investment is a crucial part of determining a company’s growth.

Customer Needs

If a company doesn’t listen to what their customer wants, their product or service will fail to satisfy their customer’s needs. It is imperative that a company diligently listens to customer feedback and values. Your customers may want to see new features or products set at different price points. If you don’t stay in touch with what your customers genuinely want, you will fail to develop and grow. As soon as you lose track of this concept, your business trajectory will come to a halt and you will have difficulty growing.

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Melanie - Unleashed Software

Article by Melanie Chan in collaboration with our team of Unleashed Software inventory and business specialists. Melanie has been writing about inventory management for the past three years. When not writing about inventory management, you can find her eating her way through Auckland.

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