Encouraging Your B2B Customers to Engage with eCommerce Stores

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Customer engagement with eCommerce platforms when it comes to retailers has proliferated massively over the past few years. Business-to-Consumer companies (B2C) have been quick to adopt eCommerce stores, and retail customers have shown that they enjoy the convenience offered by buying online.

However, Business-to-Business (B2B) customers have been much slower on the uptake of eCommerce. This means that many B2B companies are missing out on valuable opportunities for customer engagement and increased revenue since they primarily engage with customers offline.

If you’re thinking about having a B2B eCommerce store like the Unleashed B2B eCommerce Store, we’ll provide a few tips on how you can encourage your customers to engage with your eCommerce store.

The basics – what are the benefits of eCommerce for B2B?

It is not just B2B customers who are yet to engage with B2B customers online – many B2B owners themselves are yet to make the transition from offline only to an online, multichannel experience. Despite the slow progression of eCommerce in B2B transactions, there are many benefits for B2B companies.

Firstly, having an eCommerce platform such as a website where your customers can come to purchase products means they instantly have better access to your full catalogue.

Secondly, if you don’t have an eCommerce store where customers can browse and purchase your products easily, you may lose out to the competition. Customers love the convenience, and if a competitor does offer online purchasing, you are at an immediate disadvantage.

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How to encourage customers to use your eCommerce website

If you’ve recently adopted an eCommerce store, you may be wondering how to get your customers to make the transition to online purchasing. Our first piece of advice is to create excitement in the build-up to the launch – this means marketing your upcoming platform in a way that customers will remember and want to try out for themselves. You may also want to consider doing a soft launch for your most loyal customers.

When it comes time to launch your eCommerce store, be sure to get your customers involved in the progress by inviting them to provide feedback. Customers are more likely to use the site if they were involved or consulted in its development.

Another strategy is to make sure that your website is intuitive and easy to navigate. You may even consider having “how-to” videos embedded within the website landing page so that customers know exactly where to go to find what they’re looking for. If you’re using the Unleashed B2B eCommerce Store for example, you’ll be able to use all the material from the Unelashed Academy and more.

Lastly, once you’ve launched the website, create an email campaign to alert your customers to the new platform and encourage them to use it. You may, for example, offer a small discount on online purchases for the first week of the launch to encourage customers to start purchasing.

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