April 14, 2016      3 min read

If you are building a new home, renovating or simply looking to update your office, shop or commercial fit out, Blaze Lighting will pretty much have a product for whatever electrical scenario you might come up with. We’re very happy to be involved in the growth of this business: Blaze Lighting powers its electrical inventory management with Unleashed.

What does your business do?

Blaze lighting + living is a lighting and living consultancy business. We provide high-end, exclusive brands to our customers. We mainly deal with architects and builders and meet with the home owners who are looking to renovate, build their home or looking to update their office space, retail store, etc.

What’s one of your favorite electrical products?

One of our favorite products here at Blaze is the LEDergy Bliss Pendant. LEDergy is our own exclusive brand, which is a range of modern and stylish LED lights. The Bliss is a unique and stunning pendant that provides an impeccable feature to the room.


Why do you think your customers like this product so much?

The main appeal to the LEDergy Bliss pendant is its uniqueness and breath-taking design. Customers like this product because it’s both practical and aesthetically appealing being a bold statement piece. It is a neat design with no visible globes or loose chords, which creates a modern and clean finish.

Can you give us a brief history of your business and the growth it has experienced so far?

Blaze lighting + living is a new business that was established 2 years ago in 2014. It was founded by 3 businessmen who see a future in Adelaide to target a high-end market. The business is on the right track to potential growth and success, with the hard work of people involved. We continue to grow our business by networking and forming loyal relationships with clients.

How is Unleashed helping your business grow?

Unleashed is a great tool for us to communicate with our suppliers. It has an easy template that allows us to add our products to, which then allows us to create special orders for customers and clients. It’s a great software to track products and client information and orders, making business easier.

Is there something you are particularly excited for your business right now?

Over the summer we have been excited to introduce the Aeratron Fans to customers of Adelaide. They are exclusive fans that are rated extremely highly within the industry. This summer we have also been promoting the fans resulting in high sales and awareness of our range. We stock other brands of fans such as Hunter Pacific and Mercator, which are the traditional brands but are also of high quality.

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