April 27, 2016      4 min read

If you are looking for sustainable green solutions for your home or business look no further. Going Green Solutions are passionate about everything eco-friendly, and use Unleashed for their eco products inventory management!

What does your business do?

We are an eco-lifestyle shop and web shop; we retail and wholesale eco-friendly products for both homes and businesses. We are specialists in biodegradable disposable catering supplies, which we supply to caterers and food venues all across Australia, and we also sell things like green cleaning products, eco-toys, green tech, and DIY food making and preserving kits.

What’s one of your favorite products?

Our biodegradable disposable catering ware range is unique because we basically have an eco-friendly, compostable option for every item a food trader might need – from sugarcane fiber plates, bowls and lunch boxes, to wooden cutlery, to plant-based plastic cups and deli bowls and of course beautiful natural palm leaf plates and bowls.


Why do you think your customers like this sustainable product range so much?

Many people are realizing that there really are better alternative to plastic and polystyrene disposables; our options are cost-effective, really high quality, look great, and the branding on them offers a great marketing angle for food traders who wish to show their customers they consider the environment. Best of all, after use all of our catering ware products will break back down into natural materials because that is what they are made from.

Can you give us a brief history of your business and the growth it has experienced so far?

We started as a very small home-based business and have progressively grown over the last ten years, with several moves into larger shop fronts and several website re-designs. We’ve always been very committed to practicing the sustainable business model that we try to encourage in others, and have won quite a few awards over the years for our efforts.

How is Unleashed helping your business grow?

Unleashed is the tool by which we manage our sustainability-focused eco product inventory – it provides the link between our web shop and our accounting system, all of which are cloud-based systems. So it is our main system for adding sales orders, purchases, and stock changes.

Is there an interesting customer story you could share with our readers?

Often people will comment on our biodegradable cups and deli bowls and say ‘oh – how fantastic that someone has finally invented a biodegradable plant plastic!’
Well, in fact, PLA (the plant based plastic all these products are made from) was invented in 1890… it is not new at all, it is just the first time it has been financially viable for people to make disposable items out of it because people are finally starting to care about what they are putting into the environment.

Is there something you are particularly excited for your business right now?

We are always excited about our business – we feel we are at the complete leading edge of industry right now, because everything we do and purchase in our world is gradually going to have to become ‘greener’. We absolutely love discovering new inventions people have come up with to tackle the many issues to do with sustainability – some of which are awesome new products, and others are ways to tackle things like waste and recycling.

Is there something your business in particularly proud of?

We are proud to be able to help both our local and the broader community learn about how many simple and user-friendly ways there are to go green, and to inspire them to take steps in the right direction. We are also proud of the awards we have won acknowledging these efforts.

Are there any particular not-for-profit causes that you or your business is passionate about, and why?

Yes, many! We are involved in lots of community activities in the area of sustainable living. We offer free recycling facilities in our shop for a range of items, such as second hand bras (which go to Project Uplift), printer cartridges (recycled by Planet Ark), mobile phones (recycled by Mobile Muster), and batteries (taken to our local council who organize recycling for them).

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